Simms Super-Fly Patch

Simms Super-Fly Patch has durable foam - resists deformation, strong memory for original form. The Simms Super-Fly Patch provides constant pressure on the shank of a barbless hook for more secure hold.


Cliff Outdoors Dry Fly Rehab Center

Cliff Outdoors Dry Fly Rehab Center is for those that fish a lot of dry flies. The Cliff Outdoors Dry Fly Rehab Center comes with everything you need to keep your flies floating.


Leather Creel Harness

Need a harness only? Our standard Heavy Duty Leather Harness fits most standard two holed creels too!


RIO Powerflex Tippet

RIO Powerflex Tippet is made from high tenacity copolymers and has excellent knot strength. RIO Powerflex Tippet is ideal for trout while fishing with nymphs, dry flies and smaller streamers.