Cliff Outdoors Float Patch

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Cliff Float Patch


Cliff Outdoors Float patch adheres to any flat spot on your boat. In the wind, the Cliff Outdoors float patch it holds onto your flies like a bulldog.  Guide-tested by the Grey Reef Clifftarians, and used exclusively by legendary Bighorn River guide Kip "Snookie" Dean, our Float Patch™ has become a standard on western rivers.

Let?s face it - while floating in your boat or personal watercraft, you don?t want to take the time to dig into your boat bag and put flies away in their proper box. You just want to set them down within reach, in a place (hopefully) where they won?t get lost or blow away in the wind.

The Cliff Float patch adheres to any flat spot on your boat, and in the wind it holds onto your flies like a bulldog. Think we?re kidding? It?s held onto flies while dragging a drift boat at speeds in excess of 90 mph on Wyoming Highway 220.

Small flies go on the stout magnet, and larger patterns are held securely in the slots. The Cliff Float Patch is handy as hell, it works, and you?re going to wonder how you got along without it.

Cliff Float Patch

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Better than the best guacamole you've ever had.

Review by Jeff M. on 4/29/2022

I have one of these in my boat. It's awesome. Get one.

Cliff Float Patch

Review by Michael on 4/22/2020

Great to have a spot to place flies on the boat with no worries. I set up some flies for the day and never had to go into my box. All my flies were also dry by the time we trailered and loaded up at the ramp.

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