Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Big Water Max Sink

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Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Big Water Max Sink

In designing our SONAR Big Water Taper series, we had one specific goal in mind: to create the world’s strongest fly lines. Built on the industry’s first 100-lb. monofilament core, the SONAR Titan BWT Max Sink is built for the blue-water beasts of your dreams (or nightmares). With a super-fast sinking head and a core capable of pulling semi trucks from the depths (hyperbole), this is a line for 15-weight rods and fish that weigh more than you do.

  • Loads quickly and delivers the biggest flies to the furthest targets
  • Excellent turnover due to short, powerful head and short front taper
  • Specially designed for tropical environments
  • Mastery Texturing reduces friction, providing longer casts, easier pick-up, and increased durability
  • Built on a 100-lb. monofilament core
  • Tropi-core technology for tropical climates
  • Sink Rate: Sink 6 = 6.0+ ips
  • SA ID - SA SONAR BWT ### (### = grain weight)





500 GR 11-13 WT        31'                105'                 500

600 GR 12-14 WT        31'                105'                 600

700 GR 13-15 WT        31'                105'                 700

*Grain weight for the first 30'


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