Echo Stillwater Fly Rods

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Echo Stillwater Fly Rods


The Freshwater Echo Stillwater Fly Rods are great for lake fishing due to their very light weight.  Those who fish in tournaments will surely appreciate the Echo Stillwater Fly rod.
We tapped in to the brain of Pete Erickson for our new tool to improve your score in your next lake tournament.  The new Stillwater series is out to impress even the most seasoned of competition pros with its fatigue lowering unbelievable light weight and responsiveness: Important traits when casting sinking lines all day.

  • Competition-level lake fishing requires rods specifically designed for the purpose
  • Powerful yet delicate rods for covering all aspects of high-level stillwater fishing
  • Essential lengths of 10’-10’6”

As rivers become increasingly more crowded and exotic destinations less remote, anglers are taking a closer look at their local stillwater fly fishing options. Conventional fly rods are a poor substitute for a precisely developed stillwater rod. These new rods were designed to get anglers fishing more effectively and efficiently in lakes of all sizes.

By working with stillwater fishing expert Pete Erickson, we fine-tuned this unique rod series with its medium fast action and subtle delicacy rarely found in lake rods.

There are four sizes including a 10ft 5wt, 10ft 6wt, 10ft 7wt, and even a 10.6ft 6wt. The 10 footers cover the gamut of fish sizes while also masterfully handling any stillwater line on the market. The rods feature low vis grey matte finish and black single foot guides. A custom designed cork handle provides versatility and comfort. The reel seat has a removable fighting butt and comes with weight rings. Each rod comes with a custom fiberglass rod tube.

STW-5100 10' 5  4
STW-6100 10' 6  4
STW-6106 10'6" 6 4
STW-7100 10' 7  4

* “Tim’s Fractional Power Rating” - The rod’s action/power rating from Tim’s brain.

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