Galvan Euro Nymph Fly Spool - Backing Included

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Galvan Euro Nymph fly fishing spool with free shipping. A dream to fish with and our site includes Galvan fly fishing reel reviews on Euro Nymph extra large arbor and spools.

Galvan Euro Nymph Fly Spool
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The Galvan Euro Nymph Fly Reel has an extreme large arbor and closed frame design for a no-slip through gap.  The G.E.N (Galvan Euro Nymph) fly fishing reel comes with a three pawl drag engagement.

Galvan Euro Nymph Super Large Arbor Fly Spool

With the sport of European Style Nymphing becoming more popular; the demand for a high performance, high-quality fly fishing reel has been met by Galvan's new G.E.N reel. The key features of this reel are its extreme Large Arbor and closed frame design. The extreme large arbor design accommodates the much smaller in diameter Euro Nymph lines. The closed frame design creates a no slip through gap between the spool and frame also accommodating the slimmer line profile of the sport. An added feature of the closed frame is that it also fits the torque and Rush spools. A 3 pawl drag engagement is also incorporated to provide ultimate drag strength and rotation.

Made in Sonora, CA and comes with an original owner LIFETIME WARRANTY!


  • New for 2021 3 Pawl Drag Engagement
  • Reversible from Left to Right Hand Retrieve
  • Large handle for maximum torque
  • Push-button quick release
  • Maximum porting
  • 6061-Grade T6 Aluminum
  • Type II Saltwater Safe Anodize
  • Minimal start up intertia
Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine Weight
3.7 in. 3.7 in. 5.40 oz. Super Large Click-Pawl 100yd 20lb          3
3.5 in. 3.5 in. 4.96 oz. Super Large Click-Pawl 100yd 20lb          3

About Galvan Fly Reels

At Galvan, our fly reels are the result of 20 years of dedicated design and innovation. More than that, they are part of an ongoing tradition of family-run business, American-made products, and time-honored craftsmanship built into every reel we make. The industry has changed a lot in our time, but it’s what hasn’t changed that makes us who we are. 

Our founder Bonifacio Galvan believed that superior quality and value should coincide. He made the first Galvan reels to last a lifetime. Two decades and many reels later, that vision remains unchanged. Today, all Galvan fly reels are designed, manufactured, and assembled here in the USA –still to last a lifetime – and the Galvan Family does it all.

Our pride in the manufacturing process and passion for the sport have earned us a reputation for excellence. Every Galvan fly reel is a testament to innovation and uncompromising craftsmanship, pairing the latest materials with a lasting commitment to quality. In an industry where technology often overshadows tradition, we believe you need a bit of both to succeed.


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