Simms Lightweight Wool Flex Glove

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Simms Lightweight Wool Flex Glove

Simms' new for 2020 Lightweight Wool Flex Glove is great for rowing, driving or shooting. The lightweight Simms Wool Flex Glove comes with fold back finger tips and are tech compatible. These gloves are perfect for outdoor events where your hands aren't going to get soaking wet; however, since these are made with a 100% merino wool shell, they do keep your hands warm even if they are a bit wet.  The palm is made with natural leather and the index finger and thumb have AX single-connect suede on them. 

The all new Simms Wool Flex Glove have finger tips that can fold back when you need your fingers easily accessible. The Wool Flex Glove is stylish and lightweight and are ready for anything you throw at them. 

- Tech compatible finger tip

- Natural leather palm

- Fold back finger tips

- 100% merino wool

FABRIC TECH: Shell: 100% merino wool; Palm: natural leather; Index finger and thumb: AX single-connect suede

Simms Lightweight Wool Flex Glove


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