Simms Tightlines Strap

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Simms Tightlines Straps attach to all the Simms Dry Creek Packs and bags.  These easy to open and lock straps secure your rods and whatever else you want teathered to your pack.  


• Laser cut hypalon rod strap that holds any size rod tube

- Coated hypalon grips to keep rod tube from slipping

- Easy open and lock cam for adjustability

- Attaches to all Dry Creek Packs and Dry Creek Bags


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Simms Strap

Review by William Ramsdell on 7/11/2022

I purchased two straps to attach to my Simms waterproof backpack. I wanted to attach rod tubes for trips to Bolivia and Seychelles. The "attachment" portion is unusual and will only stay engaged if it is under tension. So I simply removed straps with conventional connections from another backpack and they worked well.

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