Galvan Torque Extra Spools - Backing Included

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Galvan Torque Extra Spool


galvan torque spare spoolAs the premier reel in the Galvan series, the truly unique Torque Large Arbor reel contains all the hallmarks of the Galvan tradition: function, quality, dependability, durability, distinctive style and striking good looks, plus the following features:

  • Innovative, ultra smooth compression disc drag system
  • Large arbor design
  • Ported to the maximum, strength-weight-ratio
  • Very low start-up inertia
  • De-tented drag knob for precision settings
  • Handle is large and easy to grip
  • Spool release mechanism is easy, no tools necessary
  • Easily interchangeable from right to left hand retrieve
  • Seven sizes: from 2 wt. through 12 wt. lines
  • Fully machined from 6061 bar-stock aluminum
  • Corrosion resistant and saltwater safe
  • Available in Bronze, Green, Clear, and Black, anodized finishes
  • 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA by the Galvan Family


Model Spool Dia. Spool Width Weight Line Capacities (20lb Micron Backing)    
T-3 3.00" .850" 4.2 oz WF-2-F 75 yds WF-3-F 50 yds    
T-4 3.25" .850" 4.5 oz WF-4-F 100 yds WF-5-F 75 yds    
T-5 3.50" .900" 4.8 oz WF-5-F 125 yds WF-6-F 100 yds    
T-6 3.75" .950" 5.2 oz WF-6-F 150 yds WF-7-F 125 yds    
T-7 3.875" 1.1" 6.3 oz WF-7-F 150 yds      
T-8 4.00" 1.25" 7.6 oz WF-8-F 200 yds      
T-9 4.125" 1.25" 7.9 oz WF-9-F 200 yds      
T-10 4.25" 1.35" 8.2 oz WF-10-F 250 yds*      
T-12 4.50" 1.35" 8.6 oz WF-12-F 300 yds*      
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Galvan reels

Review by Dan on 1/1/2019

I have been a fan of Galvan reels for about 15 years. My first model was the OB which I have on my 6wt. Recently I have purchase several Torque models for my 7wt and 8wt. I just got back from fishing for Tarpon on the Yukatan and the reel worked great. Super drag, great workmanship, and very smooth. Based on performance and price I think Galvan reels are the best value out there.

Extra spools

Review by Justin on 12/1/2017

I really like all the galvan products that I have. They seem to be very well made and with care. I love the extra spools so I can switch between floating and sinking lines very quickly. I also like the color option the offer. As far as the spool goes I got exactly what I wanted. I believe their reels to be fair priced especially when cared to other top end reels, I have bought cheaper reels that just don't compare, I was disappointed as soon as I got them. And if I'm traveling to go on a lifetime fishing trip I like to have equipment I know I can depend on.

Great Product and Great Customer Service

Review by David on 8/20/2017

First, I think all Galvan products are great. Galvan products are all upper tier but they are also mid priced. You get a lot for your dollar. I must have purchased 3 reels and as many extra spools with North Platte River Fly Shop and many other items to prepare for my first fly fishing trip. And, it has worked out wonderfully. They expedited everything to make sure I had what I needed before I departed for my trip. They carry great products and they offer great customer service. How much better can you get? I am now a loyal and dedicated customer and will continue to frequent their online shop. Thanks much!

extra spool is awesome

Review by Cuong on 7/13/2016

this extra galvan torque (t-5) spoot is worth for me to have another spared one for switching between wf6f (floating), wf6s3 (sinking) or wf6i (intermediate - half float and half sink) in middle of fly fishing. 1). push button spool release is simple pleasure friendly for me to switch the second spool. 2). arbor design looked funny in the picture on website. but i received the reel in person, it turned to become from ugly duckling to swan in my hand. spool has helped with drying backing more quickly plus the maximum strength-to-weight ratio. 3). smooth feeling is easy to grab and crank on & to counter-balance weigth for wobble-free rotation. it’s corrosion resistant & saltwater safe. 4). drag knob is easy to microtune drag adjustment starting from 1 pound up plus max drag up to +15 pounds. 5). my x-mas wish list is having another extra galvan torque (t-10) spool.

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