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Simms Women's Flyweight Fly-Fishing Boot Felt

Women's feet are not men's feet; that is why it doesn't feel quite right for women to wade in men's boots. Women's achilles lengths are different then mens', the heel to arch is diffferent and so is the heel to ball. The Simms Women's Flyweight Fly-Fishing Boot Felt is a feature-rich Simms fly-fishing boot that is designed with a 12mm felt outsole. The Simms Women's  Flyweight Felt Boot is styled as a lightweight hiking boot. The Flyweight boot is TPU coated. These boots will take you to the secret backcountry fishing holes.

Make sure to check out this Simms Women's Flyweight Fly-Fishing Boot in Felt now to wear during your next fly-fishing excursion.

If the call of high mountain streams and the path less traveled ring true for you, our 40 oz. Flyweight Wading Boot - Felt Sole offers an incredibly lightweight design to help you answer the high-mountain call. The low-profile design maintains full wading boot functionality and the felt outsole sticks to wet, mossy rocks, and is reinforced for reliable stud retention.

  • Low-profile, lightweight synthetic boot upper
  • Welded TPU film in high abrasion zones for durability
  • Speed lace hooks & lace to toe closure
  • High cushion midsole for comfort
  • Stud-compatible 12mm felt outsole


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