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The following testimonials for the Platte River Fly Shop and Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Service are given to us on a volunteer basis. We do not request testimonials from our customers nor our clients and we are very proud of the high level of customer service we provide. We especially receive positive testimonials on constant basis for our guide service staff.


Testimonial to fly fishing on North Platte River with Kray Lutz, Platte River Fly Shop, Casper, WY

I’ve only been fly fishing for about 8 years and typically make 3-4 trips per year always using a guide for a float trip in NM, CO, & Yellowstone. Prior to fishing with Kray Lutz, Wyoming Fly Shop fishing guide in Casper, Wyoming, my “fish in the net” ranged from OK to poor….I work a lot and work hard for my money, and when I go fishing I want to catch fish. I’d heard about catching lots of big trout on the North Platte River, in Casper, WY, so I booked a 2-day “scouting trip” in late May with Kray Lutz, Platte River Fly Shop (, Casper, Wyoming,to see if it was worth booking my annual trip with my son-in-law. After netting over 30 rainbows 15” – 22” on the first day, I booked a 2-day trip with my son-in-law for . Even though it was windy, the second day was better and I netted over 50 trout, 15’ - 22” (Won’t discuss how many sets I missed or fish I lost after the set….but it was a “bunch.”??!!??

When my son-in-law and I went back in late June, we had a great two days of catching lots of big trout. My son-in-law and I went back for another trip for hopper season, and although the timing was off using hoppers, my son-in-law caught a big 25’ rainbow (took him to the backing). I just returned (2nd week in October) from my fourth trip this year to fish with Kray for three days on the North Platte River. Kray had told me that in late fall, the number of fish caught would decrease but the quality of fish would increase. True to his word, on each of three days, I caught over 20 trout (10’ – 25”) with three of them taking me to the backing. (it’s almost unreal to catch a 22” rainbow and think “it’s only 22”??!!??)

My only regret is that I did NOT start fly fishing with Kray on the North Platte River eight years ago. Unlike many of my previous fishing trips, both the guide fee and tip were well worth the fantastic fly fishing experience. And, I’d like to get my bass fishing buddies in OK to the North Platte River so they can experience catching lots of big, beautiful trout.

So, if you want to book a memorable fly fishing trip, book a trip with Kray Lutz, Platte River Fly Shop. (I’m sure the other guides from the Platte River Fly Shop are good, I just haven’t fished with anyone else except Kray.) I’m thinking about my fifth (5th) trip of the year to fish with Kray between Christmas and New Years (if there’s a break in the tough Wyoming winter).

Randy Fitzgerald
3900 Cross Bend Road
Plano, TX 75023

WOW! I knew they were big fish... But... What a day. So here's my "statement."

It is very difficult to describe the day I spent with Kray Lutz on the lower North Platte last Friday... difficult because I had no expectations in setting out and, in retrospect, nothing in my almost forty years of fly fishing to compare it to. What a revelation! I had heard and read that the North Platte is an amazing fishery. I found that to be an understatement. I was hoping that Kray would prove to be a good guide. I found him to be so much more. First the fishing: I have probably experienced a few days when I have put close to sixty fish in the net. I have never boated as many BIG fish as we did on Friday... Sixty fish! Six of them better than 20"! Four of them 22"+! Runs that produced a fish on each of a dozen casts! Fish that took 90 feet of line plus backing on initial sprints! Fish that were not only beautiful in their colors and brightness, but were stronger and healthier than fish I have caught anywhere else. Sixteen inch fish felt like twenty inchers, and twenty-two inch fish weighing close to six pounds! What can be said? But as good as the fishing was, the hours spent with Kray were among the most enjoyable and memorable of any day I have spent on a river. He is not only an outstanding guide, we rapidly became very good friends. As I said late in the afternoon: "The best big fish day I have ever had." 10/4/2011

We just got off the river after a magical day of fishing with Josh. I took my dad who has been fishing Colorado all his life but had never done much fly fishing. Josh was very patient in teaching us about the river and the basics of fly fishing. The equipment was great and the fishing unbelievable. Honestly, we exceeded my expectations in about the first 15 minutes. We had a fish on about 1 minute after launching. We felt a little guilty about landing so many fish. I honestly lost track after about 30 and the total must have been closer to 40 fish. Most were in the 18-21” range and fought like steelheads. Josh told me, “Greg, we just don’t have little fish on this river. I don’t know where they go but they must be hiding or something.”

Josh was a blast to hang out with! His boat handling skills were fantastic, rowing us time and again up the best holes so we could catch the ones that we missed (and it was embarrassing how many missed strikes we had but hey, we’re still beginners). He had us laughing so hard my face hurt at the end of the day. On the way back my dad told me that it was the best day of trout fishing he had ever had (he has been to Alaska over 25 times fishing and hunting).

Liz in the shop was super friendly and knowledgeable, staying long past closing time to help me find the perfect set of waders and boots. I saved $100 over the Bass Pro Shop and found your selection to be better. I am looking for a couple of rods and reels and plan on buying them from your online store.

Well, I just can’t give you and your team a higher rating. I am planning on making this an annual trip and will be bringing clients next time. Thanks so much for the wonderful lifetime memory.

Greg Jones, Denver, CO, 4/14/10

Hey Ryan and Liz, We did have us a great time. I don't want to gush, but it was a magical day, as if the stars were aligned and it was meant to be. Perfect chemistry between guide, client, wind, water, and fish. I tell everyone how hard you guys work at it, 20 miles of rowing for an 8 mile drift. I've only hired a guide maybe 8 times in my career, and 1 of them was really lame, (Orvis endorsed, go figure, ha), but Greg stands at the top. And Josh, I think he had almost as much fun as Jim and John, who hasn't stopped talking about it, he's hooked. (Poor bastard, he has no idea how strong the addiction is!). Then there's the Fly Shop Girls, smart courteous, helpful, and dare I say, smokin' hot!! You guys got it all goin on. See you next year,

Tad, 4/7/2010

Dear Platte River Fly Shop,

Frank and I have reflected on our recent trip to the North Platte River with you and it was awesome to say the least. The fact that two senior citizens (in their seventies) could catch over sixty fish a day between 16 and 20 inches is something we will remember forever. We have had wonderful times on the rivers of the west in the past but to have had the quality of fishing on the North Platte with the guides who know where all the fish live is just a special memory. We believe the fishing at the North Platte is the best in the country. This was our fifth consecutive trip to the North Platte with you and I hope it will not be our last.


Walter McDaniel, 6/1/09

Hey Ryan, I wanted to write you a note about my experiences this year on two separate occasions. As you know I live in town, have my own drift boat and spend many days on the water. For something different this year, my wife and I decided to take a guided trip with Kray for our Valentines gift to one another. We seldom like to do the same things and for some reason she thinks I am bossy on the river, go figure. Kray was wonderful and it made a nice gift for each other. We are now planning on going a couple times a year. His patience and knowledge made for one of the most relaxing days we have had together in years. In May, a friend and I went out with Mickey. Again, it was another awesome day. Mickey was professional and very entertaining. After so many years on this river, both Kray and Mickey still taught me many new ways to fish, cast and rig my fly rod. Anyway, thanks for the top quality days on the river and I look forward to the next opportunities I have to go out with the boys.

Brendon Billinger, 05-22-09

Just an extra thanks for a great trip, your expert advice and service on our recent float with my Dad, Al Efimoff. We floated that section when I was 16 and had an adventure to say the least and No fish. The river has changed a lot, more water and more fish, and there was not a guide service then.I moved away and it took us a while to hook up and do it again.Anyway, we have planned this for many years. The shop and Gavin made it a very memorable experience. Will be sending business your way.

Stephen Efimoff, Casper

This testimonial is long over due. Greg and Mark, thanks so much for the great times on the river the last three years. I can honestly say that my fishing trips with Greg have been incredible. Greg, I truly appreciate your patience while you are teaching me new techniques and putting me on monster fish. I have referred the Platte River Fly Shop to many of my friends with no regrets. They have nothing but praise for the guided trips they have been on. Mark, you can be proud of your staff and to have a head guide such as Greg Mueller.

Thanks again,
Glenn, Longmont , CO

Mark, Just a quick note to say thanks again. Gavin is a credit to your
organization, a good guy and a terrific guide. I hope to be able to schedule
another trip before the year ends. Please keep me posted on conditions.

Best regards,
Ken & Julian Beausoleil

Thanks again for he great float trip on Saturday. We had a great time! As we
imagined, we had to listen to Ritchie talk about his Brown all the way back
to Denver. It seems to have gotten bigger (as if it wasn't big enough) but
we continue to let him tell the story anyway. Attached are a few photos of
the famous Brown and a few others I thought you would enjoy. Thanks again
and we look forward to floating with you and Gavin soon!

Jake Hertz, Littleton, CO

Hi: Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks to Greg for a great day on the river. Even though the weather was too nice we used streamers all day and caught our share of fish. Greg was super. Ed and I did fish the next two days although not as hard. We will definitely be back next year.

Phillip Guries

I wanted to write and say thank you for providing us such a great day of fishing on Aug 31st. I am the guy who drove from North Carolina and you got us a half day with Greg. We had an awesome time. great fish and great fun. During or 16 days out west, we floated your place, the Madison and Missouri. By far your services and river were tops. I have told everyone back here in North Carolina. it was definitely was worth the drive. I hope we get back there in a year or so. Thanks for all did to accommodate us.

Jeff Davis, Lexington, NC

Wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the very helpful pointers and
the free fly tying class Thursday night. Gary and I really enjoyed our time up there.

Greg did an excellent job guiding us. Gary and I both caught the
largest fish of our fly fishing careers on that float. I'm sure you fellas
are used to that kind of action and better but for us it really was quite

Great shop you run there, I will definitely be back next year just as soon
as it picks up again. How about adding me to your e-mail list.

Thanks again,

I wanted to drop you a "line" and thank you again for another great day and a half of fishing. Even though the first day was windy and cold you were still able to put us on some excellent fish. And the half day trip, well want can I say. Anytime two guys can fish for just a half-day and have between 40 and 50 hook-ups is just incredible. It definitely didn't have as much to do with the two guys fishing as it did with you! Your knowledge of the fish, their eating habits and the river itself assures your customers of the best possible fishing experience.

Anyone reading this testimonial in search of their next fishing adventure doesn't need to look any further. This trip we fished Colorado, Wyoming and Montana with similar weather conditions. Mark and the North Platte River won hands down! This was not my first trip with Mark and certainly will not be my last.

Thanks again Mark and feel free to include my e-mail address for anyone who wants to contact me.

Jim Reid, Houston, TX

I just want to tell anyone logging onto your website that the fishing is everything the other testimonials say. I went out with Greg on an extremely windy day and he was great. I caught an estimated 18-20 fish, I lost count after a dozen, but it was great.
I recommend that every fisherman/lady, needs to do this at least once. I hope I can make it again someday myself.

Henry Osgood, San Diego, CA 4/27/02

"Just wanted to drop you guys a thank you note. I wouldn't catch half the fish I do if it were not for the info I get from the shop. I have always been leery of asking info from fly shops because I feel as if the guides withhold all of their fish catching secrets so you have to spend all of your money on a trip. Ryan has been helpful each time I go into the shop. He actually puts me on fish."

Brian Darnell, May, 2002

Mark Boname,

Just a note to you to thank you for the great day on Friday, May 4th, you guided myself and John Beurskens on a very windy day, but made every attempt at putting us in place for fish. As you might well remember, I had spoken I fish here in Oregon and the trout do not come even close to the size we were catching that day. I thank you very much for the added time on the river and your knowledge of the river and trout in general taught me things to observe I had not originally known.

Again, thanks heaps and I look forward to another trip with you and John again real soon..

Dave Meisch, Vancouver, WA

Thanks for putting together a great float day. Ryan was patient with my son and we both enjoyed a wonderful day on the river. He has know idea how good it really was compared to a lot of trips I have taken.

We look forward to our next trip and next time I will get a picture of Ryan from the front!

Thanks again,

Jim & Mark Hruska

Thanks for a wonderful float trip! This is my 4th trip guiding with Platte River Fly Shop, and each trip has been wonderful! I told Ron Dutton that there are only 2 things I would drive 16 hours for- a good woman or great fly fishing- guess what I got with the help of P.R.F.S.? Your shop continues to grow but the personal service and hard work remain. You consistently put me on fish and your expertise on the Platte made the difference. Throughout the day another boat would either blow by good holes or end up asking us for fly patterns because I kept hookin up fish. I consider myself an intermediate fly fisher, but Mark had me catching fish like a pro! Thanks again for some great memories in Casper.

Vic Samelian, Minneapolis, MN

Just a quick note to thank you for the most incredible day I have had with a fly rod in my hand!Gavin is a great guide, knows the river and is just a fun guy to be around. He gets pretty excited when our first three fish are: Brown, Cutthroat, Hat trick!Most people won't believe it but the fish numbers are ridiculous! The fish absolutely wore me out! I will be back, and will bring reinforcements, and a wrist wrap!I will attach 2 photos, maybe not as big as some on your site but drag screamers none the less.Please feel free to use any part of this email as a testimonial.

Bill Worden, Greeley, CO

Redfish in Wyoming? Well, almost. The next best trip I can think of is sight fishing for carp. One of the great angling days I had last year was fishing with Mark out of the Platte River Fly shop fishing for carp on the Pathfinder Reservoir. Most intermountain anglers don’t pull out the heavy rods until that trip down south. Mark’s carp fishing off of his Scout flats boat prepares any salt-water angler for that trip for Redfish, Permit, Bonefish and even Tarpon. It takes practice to be a successful salt-water fly fisherman. The average trout angler does not get the opportunity to cast 70 feet of line accurately in the wind and recognize fish and nervous water in all light conditions. I highly recommend Mark’s carp trips for anyone. I had a great time with a superior guide and I will be back for another trip.

Steve Gamble/Owner, Gallatin River Lodge, Bozeman, Montana

Platte River Fly Shop,

Mark, I want thank you and your staff for some of best days I have had with a fishing rod in my hand. I have been fortunate enough to have fished some of the great waters of the world, both salt and fresh and I can honestly say that you and your staff are as good as any guides that I have had the honor to fish with. You not only have incredible trout fishing on the North Platte, but the Carp fishing on Pathfinder Reservoir is as close as many of us anglers will ever come to hooking a Redfish. One would never expect to be able to fish a trophy trout river and sight cast to 15lb Carp all within a few miles of each other.

Pete Woeck

Thanks for the great service we received this past summer at the North "Platte River Fly Shop". It was our first visit to the fly shop. You guys were swamped that morning, but the gentle- man behind the counter took the time and care to make our experience awesome. You guys have a "down-to-earth", "regular person" feel that is lacking in our sport. When we fish Gray Reef or the Miracle Mile, we won't stop anywhere else except the North "Platte River Fly Shop". Keep up the great work!

Chad Coontz

Dear Platte River Fly Shop,
Thank you so much for the fishing advice for the North Platte. You guys made my Wyoming fly fishing experience there a great one. My name is Michael Howard and I am from south Louisiana. I visited Casper in late February of this year and stopped by Platte River Fly Shop to pick up a few flies, leaders, and some advice. Mark Schmid was extremely helpful. He even offered to set up my rod for me. Once out below the Grey Reef dam, I caught beautiful rainbows one after the other thanks to his advice. It was a blast. You guys were great and I hope to stop back by again sometime later this year. I would recommend you guys to anyone who wishes to fish the Platte river.

Michael Howard

Dear Mark: Just a quick thank you for two of the best days of fising I have ever had. My buddy Ed, and I floated on Sunday the 3rd and Tuesday the 5th with Greg and we had a great time. Greg is just a super guide and individual. He arranged for us to stay at the Higgins Hotel which was wonderful. Ed and I both caught lots of fish on streamers and even got some pictures of some with Greg's camera. Must of had 10 fish over 20". Both days were perfect. Even the weather co-operated. Cant wait to get back soon.

Phil Guries, Salina, Kansas 10/10/04


Thank you, Greg and your staff yesterday. Gary and I had a great day yesterday. Your staff was very kind and helpful and what can I say about Greg. He truly is a professional. The fishing was amazing. Greg put us on top of the fish all day, I don't think we went more than a few minutes all day without a fish, we even had other boats commenting on how well we were doing. Thank you for picking us up at the airport and taking us to get dinner before we left again. Greg was very concerned about our welfare and we really appreciate that. Looking forward to our next trip.

Scott Beck, 3/20/07

Hey Fly Shop,

Just wanted to drop you guys a note in regards to the trip that we did April 18, 2007. First of all I can not say enough good things about our guide Greg Meuller. He was top notch all day long. I booked a trip for myself and a friend of mine from high school that I had recently gotten in touch with after not seeing him for almost 12 years. My good friend Marzee is in a wheel chair and had never been fly-fishing before. So as you can imagine our guide was lets say a little unsure of how the trip would go. We got on the river and Greg began to give Marzee a little lesson on how to cast, what to look for on the indicator, and when to set the hook. Greg is a fantastic teacher because during his instructional time Marzee caught and landed his first rainbow trout on the fly. The day was as it can be on the Platte, not the easiest day fishing due to the 20-30 mile and hour wind that day. Greg worked his butt off all day paddling back up the river to run us thru the holes that we caught fish in. Greg made Marzee feel right at home on the river despite his lack of experience fly fishing. We had a great day and Marzee and I will both be back again in May this year. I have been on several guided trips, on the Green River, and the Big Horn. Had a chance to fish with many different guides, but Greg Meuller is without a doubt the best guide I have had. Greg's hard work ethic and personality, not to mention knowledge of the river makes him the best guide that I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with. Thanks again for the great day, be sure to tell Greg and others what great job he did.

Josh Horner, Horner Construction Inc.
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