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Our Gray Reef guide staff always strives to make every trip different, depending on the expectations and ability of every individual that steps into one of our boats. We, as a guide service, pride ourselves in taking people who have never held a fly rod and teaching them how to effectively cast and catch fish on their very first trip. On the other hand, we also love to provide challenges for the more seasoned fly fisherman. From dry fly fishing, to banging the banks with streamers, the North Platte River definitely has some tackle busting trout for you to pit your angling skills against. So from the seasoned pro to the total beginner, a guided trip with Wyoming Fly Fishing is your fast track to the frustration-free fishing experience you have been hoping to find! Our experienced and highly skilled guide staff will work extremely hard to not only put you on fish but keep you on fish all day. They will back-row the best runs 5 or 6 times and push you through the less productive waters, drastically increasing your hook-ups. They will constantly assess the conditions of the river and adjust your flies and techniques accordingly. We are extremely proud of our pro guide staff. We have a staff of 12 full time guides.

Why Wyoming?

Visit Wyoming for its rugged beauty and experience one of the last truely wild places. Wyoming is an internationally acclaimed fly fishing destination. The Fremont Canyon, Miracle Mile and Gray Reef tail-waters of the North Platte River all contain brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout. The big rainbows are what these waters are famous for. The “bows” comprise most of the population, but it's possible to get a Platte River Hat Trick, which is a brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout in the same day. The North Platte River is a diverse and prolific river that produces not only large quantities of trout, but also huge trout. The largest trout caught to date (weighed and measured), came from the Gray Reef section. This brown weighed a whopping 22 lbs.! Rainbows are commonly caught in the five pound to double digit range, but most of the fish average 16 to 22 inches. If you have not yet had a chance to experience the North Platte River, it should be placed on your “to do list” while it is still not spoiled. In recent years people that visit and fish the North Platte River have ranked it as their all-time favorite fishing destination.