Grey Reef Fishing Report Provided By North Platte River Fly Shop

Grey Reef fishing reports and video report on the North Platte River is a free service provided by our Casper, Wyoming based fly shop fishing guides and customers. These Grey Reef fishing reports will be updated as often as needed and we will always change the report if any sudden changes should occur. However please understand that sudden storms can often change conditions overnight in and around Grey Reef before we can change the report. We welcome any fishing reports that you would like to provide on Grey Reef by giving the fly shop a call or email. 

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 Grey Reef Fishing Report

Grey Reef Hatch Chart

Grey Reef Fishing Report Hatch Chart 



Fishing on all our permitted waters is in play!  We had a rain event last week on the Reef, but waters are clearing, and fishing has been great!  The fish are getting super buggy and sliding up into the fast water, which is way more fun to fish! The Mile is kicking out some great fish and the stones have shown!  We are super busy and putting great trips out the door every day!

The Mile bugs have been Stoneflies, Chubby’s, purple Back Scuds, PMD’s, and Mayhem Midges in purple and gray.

Fremont is fishing great but can be a little busy.  Bugs have been Crack Back PMD’s, and Mayhem Midges in black and purple.

The Reef, The Reef, The Reef is on Fire!  The boys have been fishing all the the way into town and we have been seeing some big bows as well as some big browns.  With the summer months upon us, there is a lot more hatches in the river.  Yellow Sally’s, PMD’s, Caddis, Stoneflies, and Tricos.  Don’t forget ‘yeh’ old trusty squirmy worm in red or purple. Crack the code and go catch some fish!  Come by the shop and we can definitely get you set up with a map, and some bugs that will bend the rod!

Currently the flows at Gray Reef are 3000 CFS.  The water is nice and cold and the fish are on the FEED!!!  Our guides are reporting clear water to Bessemer Bend Access.  They are mainly fishing squirmy wormies, split case PMD's, Mayhem midges in a variety of colors, and some bubble back baetis patterns.  If you're wading be careful with the high flows.  Get out and enjoy this beautiful river and country.

The fishing in central Wyoming is "en fuego" right now!  The number of fish and also the size has been very impressive over the past couple weeks!
The Reef, The Reef, The Reef is on FIRE!!!  The fishing on the reef is great.  It is low, clear, and the fish are stoked!  The three wise men are the way to go around government bridge.  Leeches, Worms, and Eggs.  However, if you are fishing the upper sections I would recommend fishing smaller bugs.  Midges and BWO's are the ticket!

Happy New Year!  We are back on the river already and it feels so good.  Trout spey has been HOT!!!  White streamer in the tail outs of the runs have been kicking out some of our biggest fish of the season.  If you choose to nymph try a red rock worm with a midge dropped off of it.  We'd recommend size 18 zebra or barbed wire midges as they have been taking fish on a daily basis.  We are currently running $100 off of our full day guided trips through March 31st.  Call us and let's talk fishing. We are here to help or to row you down the river.

We finally have good news. The directive from our Governor requiring non-residents to self-quarantine for 14 days is due to expire this Friday, May 8th. We have also spoken to our friends at Wyoming Game and Fish and immediately following the expiration, the Wyoming Game and Fish will begin issuing non-resident daily licenses.
At Wyoming Fly Fishing with all this craziness we have decided to err on the side of caution. We truly care about all of you, our guides, and this community which is why we have respected our Governors directives and will continue to do so. While it hasn’t been easy closing our doors, it certainly was the right thing to do. We also recognize it has been hard on all of our friends and clients as they’ve been cooped up in their homes, dreaming of big fish. We hope you understand how important it is for us as a reputable business in a small community to respect our neighbors and stay responsible.
We now feel that we can slowly, safely and responsibly open our doors. Please know we will be taking extra precautionary measures to keep all of our clients and guides safe as we ease back into our season. We appreciate everyone’s support and we can’t wait to get back on the water with you. Please give us a call as we would love to help you re-plan a trip down the river with your favorite fishing guide or answer any questions you may have. See you soon! Guide Service (307) 277-6282

4-1-20 Just a reminder there is no fishing during the month of April between the first set of cable crossings below Grey Reef to protect the rainbows that are spawning. These are located about a 1/4 mile below Grey Reef Dam.

3-17-20 CoronaVirus and the Platte River Fly Shop. We have reduced staff hours but we are still filling orders with normal business hours. From time to time we do drop ship orders directly from the manufacturer, but some of are suppliers are shutting down their warehouses. If your order will be delayed for any reason, we will contact you. You are not going to catch the disease by being outdoors, so get out there and do a little fly fishing to reduce the anxiety/stress factor. If any of this changes, we will make another post. 

3-11-20 Flushing Flows Schedule

2020 Flush Schedule.

The BOR Announces Temporary Fluctuation of North Platte River Flow Downstream of Gray Reef Dam
The Bureau of Reclamation, in response to a request from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, has scheduled a series of fluctuating flows in the North Platte River downstream of Gray Reef Dam. Fluctuating flows are scheduled to begin on March 28. The purpose of the fluctuations is to improve trout reproduction in the river. The Wyoming Game & Fish has requested flows for ten consecutive days.

On March 24-25, Gray Reef Reservoir will evacuate storage to facilitate inspection of the radial gates. Although river flows will remain at the current rate of 500 cubic feet per second (cfs) during this reservoir operation, some fine sediment will be introduced from Gray Reef Reservoir into the North Platte River. Following the gate inspection, Gray Reef Reservoir will be refilled to the normal operating level. Then flushing flows will be initiated to flush fine sediment from the spawning gravels in the river.

On March 28, flows in the river below Gray Reef Dam will fluctuate from 500 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 4000 cfs according to the following schedule:


00:01 to 01:00 a.m. 500
01:00 to 03:00 a.m. 2000
03:00 to 07:00 a.m. 4000
07:00 to 08:00 a.m. 3000
08:00 to 09:00 a.m. 2000
09:00 to 10:00 a.m. 1000
10:00 to midnight 500

This schedule will be repeated daily through April 6. After completing the flushing flow on April 6, the flows below Gray Reef Dam will return to 500 cfs. The schedule may be modified depending on river ice conditions.

The flushing flows are expected to clean the spawning gravels of fine sediment which has accumulated over the winter. The fluctuations in the river flow will be achieved without loss of power generation and the water released from Alcova Reservoir will be restored downstream in Glendo Reservoir.

The public is urged to use caution during this period of rapid fluctuation of flows below Gray Reef Dam.


2-27-20 First North Platte River / Grey Reef guide video report for 2020

10-30-19 Well as we go into winter I think everyone knows the routine by now. Streamers, Midges, Scuds, Eggs and Leeches will be the predominent patterns throughout the winter. This will be our last update until spring unless something major happens.

8-20-2019 Grey Reef Video Fishing Report

8-12-19 Tricos in the mornings switching to Caddis, Hoppers, Pats Rubber Legs, leeches and streamers in the afternoons.

7-16-19 It's been a strange year on Grey Reef with flows held back so long then bumped in June. So for awhile our hatches were ahead of schedule now they've fallen behind schedule. But look for Pmd's, Caddis, and Yellow Sallies to be your main bugs of choice along with Pats Rubber Legs, leeches and streamers.

6/25/19 Flows are finally ramping up on Grey Reef.....looking at 2100 as of this morning. Should cool the water back down and really kick them into high gear.

6/5/19 The reef is still at 500cfs with all the flooding going on in Neb. we don't see the levels coming up anytime soon. In turn, the river is warming up faster than normal so we are seeing some earlier hatchs. Pmd's, Caddis and Yellow Sallies have already started.

4-29-2010 Grey Reef Video Fishing Report

Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Fishing Report from mark boname on Vimeo.

4-10-19 The reef is fishing great. Midges, egg patterns, hothead leaches, pine squirrel leaches and annelids are the hot ones. The BWO's should start in the next couple weeks. Please stay off the Redds!!