Meet The Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Staff

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ryan anderson
Ryan Anderson Casper, Wyoming

Ryan Anderson has been guiding for 23 years, 2 seasons in Alaska as a fly out fly fishing guide and 21 seasons here on the North Platte. Ryan has fished all over the world but truly loves his home water in Wyoming. He is a Casper native that grew up learning how to cast (in the wind) from his father and grandfather. He had a fly rod in his hand at the age of 5. By 12 he was Dennis the Menace but armed with a fly rod instead of a sling shot. The trout in the small mountain streams around Casper didn't stand a chance against this little "trout punk". Ryan, the owner of the guide service brings enthusiasm and energy to the business, and he has been working hard to put together the best guide staff. Ryan enjoys the outdoors, loves to be on the river and can always have a good time. As he puts it "I am lucky because I have been able to combine my passion with my livelihood. I knew what I wanted to do from a very young age, I wanted to fly fish. Guiding someone into a big trout, and netting it, is the closest thing I've found to fishing myself. For me it has the same excitement, same adrenaline, everything. I love this Job!" Some one asked Ryan once what he would be if he wasn’t a fly fishing guide and he said “screwed”.
Ryan Anderson / Wyoming Fly Fishing

Kray Lutz Glenrock , Wyoming

Krayfish is a Wyoming native and has worked in the fly fishing biz since he was 12 years old. Kray started in the Fly shop but soon realized he had to be out on the water. When Krayfish first started guiding the clients had to tow the boat because he was only 14 years old and didn’t have a driver’s license yet. “The fish” as he is affectionately called around the shop, has been guiding for 8 years now, and is great guide as well as fisherman and can always have fun on the water. Now in his 20s Kray is one of the top guides on the North Platte and Wind Rivers in Wyoming. Kray is also one of my most requested guides and is a pleasure to fish with, his enthusiasm is contagious and he is always stoked to hit the river with friends and clients. The boy is super fishy and if he wasn’t always doubled up on the river I would probably fish around him more. To sum up Kray was born into this, grew up with it, and now lives for it.
P.S. Kray is a Scorpio that likes long walks on the beach, bubble baths and heavy set trout. 

josh grube

I was born, rod in hand, in a small town in Louisiana , where bass and bluegill fishing unleashed the beginnings of a way of life. Soon it was walleye and perch fishing in Canada , largemouth in the midwest, salmon fishing in Alaska , and fly fishing every stream that crossed my path. But about 7 years ago, somewhere between fishing the notorious Snake River and secluded Deer Creek, grew a passion for netting the legendary trout of Wyoming . Needless to say, this is a dream job for me. I just never imagined that guiding a client to trophy trout could be as enjoyable as landing one myself
Will Beggs - Casper, WY

Originally from Northeast Georgia, I grew up harassing largemouth bass in local farm ponds and trout in and around the Smokey Mountains.  After venturing west about 10 years ago, I spent 8 years guiding in the Estes Park area of Colorado.  Now with Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides, I'm having a blast guiding clients into trout of the North Platte and Bighorn Rivers.  I enjoy teaching beginners, as well as working with accomplished anglers.  Fly fishing is my passion.  I cherish each opportunity to be on the water and sharing my passion with others.  

brendon billengerBrendon Billinger
Casper, Wy

I am a native Wyomingite and have lived in Casper for most of my life.  I taught myself how to fly fish when I began attending college at the University of Wyoming.  From my first cast, I felt a deep sense of pleasure and peace while on the water.  I have had a couple of careers since college, but I always felt the need to be on the water.  I now have what I consider the greatest job in the world.  I love to see people catch fish and enjoy all that the North Platte and Big Horn
rivers offer.   Since the late 90’s I have spent countless hours on many different types of waters.  Whether I’m chasing tarpon, casting a spey rod to brilliantly chromed steelhead or chasing trophy trout, I am truly in my element and love to be fishing.

Cass Huber
Casper, WY

I was born and raised just foot steps from the North Platte River, and learned to fish at a young age. As I got older my search for fish broadened from the river banks where I was raised, to the rest of the state, and the world beyond. I've pursued fish all over North America, but always seem to end up right back here on the Platte. Many of my closest friends are guides, which of coarse made me want to follow suit. I live to spend every waking moment on the river in search of large trout, and enjoy sharing these adventures with others.

P.J. Case
P.J. Case
Casper, Wy

My childhood was spent in Northern Colorado chasing trout on the local Big Thompson and Poudre river systems.  As a small child I remember watching videos of my fathers fishing trips around the country with his group of friends and being sad I wasn't old enough to go.  Then, when I was around ten years old, I joined them for a trip down the Black Canyon of the Gunnison Gorge.  My life was changed forever!  From that point on I always knew I would have an obsession not only with fly fishing, but the awesome memories that come with it.

After two summers of guiding in Rockey Mountain National Park and on the Big Thompson river, I have decided to turn my attention to the trophy trout of the North Platte.  I have been fishing these waters for over 10 years, and I still get the same feeling every time I get on the water that I did 18 years ago!
My other hobbies include music, audio & video production, and hunting.  I love fishing with all experience levels and ages.  Let's get out there. 

Jon Butler
Casper, Wy

I was raised in Casper, Wyoming, fihsing the many lakes and rivers throughout the area.  I later lived in western Montana for several years where fly fishing became a central part of my life.  Over the years, I have been chasing fish with my fly rod across the US, and from southern Mexico up to the Canadian border.  My personal passion for fly fishing is matched with a deep appreciation for my role as a guided, and the enjoyment I get in connecting others with that special thrill of finding and catching fish on this spectacular river.


Ashby Ashby Bell
 Casper, Wy

Ashby came to the Rocky Mountains 16years ago from Pennsylvania and hasn't slowed down one bit in regard to spending time with outdoor pursuits. He is easygoing, enjoys getting folks into fish and loves helping people enhance their angling skills.  

 platte river fly shop guides
Grant Reynolds
Casper, WY
Growing up in Southwestern New York in the middle of nowhere left me plenty of time to hone my skills as an angler. If I wasn’t catching trout, I was after pike, bass, and steelhead. After graduating college in Cortland New York, with a Bachelors Degree in Recreation I spent time chasing steelhead in Michigan for two years, on my way to Colorado. Looking for more adventure, I took a job guiding in Alaska. For 8 years I was putting clients on big trout and salmon in Alaska. Now in Wyoming, I find the fishing to be just as good as anywhere I have wet a line before. I have been guiding for 12 years from both drift boats and jet boats, from beginner to expert, I Love Catching Fish…. Lets go fishing!

Colter Anderson
Casper, WY

Colter began stalking the banks at the ripe age of four with his father in Wyoming. His passion sparked his guiding career with the Platte River Fly Shop on the North Platte River in Casper, Wyoming. In 2000 he moved to Bozeman Montana, to attend Montana State University. Since then he has split time guiding/fishing between the Big Sky and Cowboy States. He has a passion for the waters or west and loves that on any given day you have the chance of catching trout on dry’s, nymphs and streamers.

Fishing has been a part of Colter's life for over twenty years, and he's always excited to teach anglers and show them a few nice fish like this brown on the lower river!

 Carl Myers 
 Casper, Wyoming
 Carl Myers wasn't born in Wyoming, but he got here as fast as he could. He started  guiding professionally  over 16 years ago and has yet to kick the addiction. The only  thing that equals his passion for fly-fishing is his desire to share its’ joys with others.  His military-bred work ethic, experience as a school teacher, and years of introducing  new anglers to fly-fishing all work together to create a patient but intense guiding  style that provides an effective approach for helping clients learn about every aspect  of this great sport.  There isn’t a more fun and relaxing place to be than in a drift  boat, and there’s no better feeling in the world than an arm sore from wrestling with  the North Platte’s legendary rainbows and browns.  So hop in, hold on, and enjoy the  ride.  Fish On!   


Slade Fedore

Slade started at an early age in Casper, Wyoming chasing fish for fun. Every second he had free was devoted to fishing the Platte River or hunting on his family’s ranch. You can find Slade most any day of the week fishing until dark with his yellow lab Tuna or relaxing with his wife Danielle on the river. Having split time between Montana and Wyoming, Slade has done his fair share of guiding and spent tons of times behind the oars. Slade enjoys teaching the finer points of swinging around a Spey rod as well as effective streamer fishing and deaddrifting techniques.

Slade’s passion for the sport is truly contagious. One day on the river with him will only leave you wanting to go right back out.
grey reef guides Clarke (Griz) Turner
Evansville, Wyoming
Clarke was born in the Catskills; near the fabled streams where American fly fishing first began and has loved to fish since he can remember. He soon moved west to attend college and never went back.  He's fished the North Platte and other Wyoming waters for over a quarter of a century. After serving as an officer in the military and managing an energy research center, he's now fortunate enough to pursue his true passion. He believes there is no better joy than helping others catch a fish; whether it's their first...... or their fish of a lifetime. His motto is: "Life is too short.....let's go hit the water and have some fun!" 

capt. mark bonameCapt. Mark Boname Casper, Wyoming

Capt. Mark Boname is an accomplished worldwide angler and has been fly fishing for 38 years. He owns the Platte River Fly Shop and has appeared on many outdoor programs like ESPN, PBS and Columbia Country. He has hosted many saltwater trips to destinations like Canada, Belize, Baja, Bahamas, Laguana Madre and Costa Rica.

Mark is an innovative fly tyer and many of his patterns are produced and distributed by Stone Creek Ltd. throughout the United States. His flies have appeared in both books and articles and are well known throughout the Rocky Mountains for both trout and carp.

Mark grew up mainly on the east coast both in the New England area and east coast of Florida fishing for stripers, blues, sea trout, redfish, snook, tarpon and large mouth bass. His passion for fishing as young boy influenced his decision to obtain a B.S. degree in fisheries biology which he completed at the University Of Wyoming. After graduating, he worked in the range department for the U.S. Forest Service for seven years.

In 1987 he started guiding on the North Platte River in his spare time eventually opening the Platte River Fly Shop in 1994. He has now guided for over 20 years on the Gray Reef section of the North Platte River and is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on this tail water.

His recent passion for chasing carp over the last ten years has led him to not only obtain a saltwater flats boat, but also his U.S. Coast Guard approved Inland Masters Captains license. You will now find Mark during the summer, on Wyoming’s lakes and reservoirs guiding and chasing the "Golden Ghost".