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75 CFS
Fremont Canyon Hatch Chart
Fremont Canyon Fishing Report Hatch Chart

8/15/21 -

Fremont Canyon remains a wade fishing smorgasbord, with the best opportunities happening during the morning hours. The water on this stretch is usually a little more pressured than elsewhere, so bring lighter tippet and be ready to play the small-bug game with rockworms, PMD’s, and trico nymphs. 

7/17/21 -

Fishing on all our permitted waters is in play!  We had a rain event last week on the Reef, but waters are clearing, and fishing has been great!  The fish are getting super buggy and sliding up into the fast water, which is way more fun to fish! The Mile is kicking out some great fish and the stones have shown!  We are super busy and putting great trips out the door every day.

Fremont is fishing great but can be a little busy.  Bugs have been Crack Back PMD’s, and Mayhem Midges in black and purple.

3-17-20 CoronaVirus and the Platte River Fly Shop. We have reduced staff hours but we are still filling orders with normal business hours. From time to time we do drop ship orders directly from the manufacturer, but some of are suppliers are shutting down their warehouses. If your order will be delayed for any reason, we will contact you. You are not going to catch the disease by being outdoors, so get out there and do a little fly fishing to reduce the anxiety/stress factor. If any of this changes, we will make another post.

10-30-19 Well as we go into winter I think everyone knows the routine by now. Streamers, Midges, Scuds, Eggs and Leeches will be the predominent patterns throughout the winter. This will be our last update until spring unless something major happens.

7-16-19 Fremont is flowing at 900cfs to help keep Pathfinder from overflowing. Now that the Mile flows are coming down, I would expect Fremont to go back to normal 75cfs sometime in August.

4-10-19 Fremont has picked up the last couple weeks with warmer weather. Midges, scuds, leeches and annelids working the best. It won't last long as we expect high flows in Fremont this spring with the heavy snow pack. They will have to divert more water thru this section.

10-16-18 Fremont clarity is now starting to clear after Pathfinder Reservoir turned over last month.

9-23-18 Fremont is a little off color and weedy, but on calm mornings and evenings dry fly action is good. It should really start fishing well once we have a good freeze and the weeds clear out.

Fremont is at 700cfs and fishing is lights out with smaller bugs on the Cardwell section and streamers in the canyon. Fishing Cardwell, it's a blast to stalk and tie into these large fish, playing them in water that hardly seems big enough for them to swim in. Many of the same bugs that work on the Reef will also work on this section. Be prepared to tie into some football sized rainbows, and we have even seen a few browns come out of here this spring and summer. The canyon is always an adventure, with big trout that will test your fighting skills as they weave in and out of deep and bouldery pocket water.

4-14-18 Spring has sprung in Wyoming. The Blue Wing Olives should be showing up in good numbers starting this week. Fremont Canyon has fished well last few weeks. Red Annelids, Scuds, Midges and BWO's along with streamers has been the ticket.

6-29-17 Fremont flows are steadily dropping. Was up there a couple days ago and water looks great. Looks like Pathfinder will not spill over the dam after all. Pmd's and Caddis behind leeches, san juans or annelids should be the prime hatches right now.

6-3-17 Watch for flows to increase in Fremont (it's now at 320cfs) as snowmelt comes increases levels of Pathfinder. It's about 3 feet from coming over the top of the dam. Until then Fremont should continue to fish well.

5-13-17 Flows back down to 80 cfs but not sure how long that will last once spring runoff starts.

5-4-17 Flows have now been bumped up to 450 cfs and will only continue to increase during spring runoff and or if Pathfinder spills over.

4-19-17 The Blue Wing Olive hatch has started!

4/3/17 Fremont is fishing good. The bows are now full swing into the spawn so please be careful where you wade. We expect Pathfinder Reservoir to spill over again this year so please watch the flow reports. 




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