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The Carp Fly Fishing Report for central Wyoming provided below is a free service provide by our shop guides and customers. The Carp Fly Fishing report will be updated at once a month during the summer months and we will always change the report if any sudden changes should occur. We welcome any fishing reports that you would like to provide.

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By Mark Boname
Video was taken 6/22/2014 on Pathfinder Reservoir........Carp fishing is hot right now

Capt. Mark has been getting his flats boat ready for the upcoming Carp Season. So for all you Golden Ghost chasers now is the time to start thinking about booking your trip. June 15th thru Aug 31st is the peak time. Rates will remain the same this year which is $400 for the day for one or two people. If you have a saltwater  flats trip planned for this winter.........this is the best tune up you can have.

Carp guide rates are $400/day for one or two, lunch is not included but we can supply add on for another $15.

If you want to learn how to fish the flats of the world, sight cast, play and land big fish then this is the trip for you. This is a great warm up trip if you have a saltwater flats trip planned in the near future. Our client list is growing rapidly including Stu Apte (famous flats guide from Florida).  Everyone has  had a blast.....hope to have some great  testimonials soon. Check out the photos below.




A day of chasing carp with Captain Mark Boname was one of the best days I’ve spent fishing in a long time.  This trip offers the complete package; lots of fish to cast to, lots of big fish to fight, plenty of new “tricks of the trade” to be learned, and a nice day on the lake in a well appointed flats boat.  Captain Mark in not just an expert fisherman, he is also a patient instructor of all things related to fly fishing. Mark was great about offering tips to help me past some very old bad casting habits.  By noon my casting was much improved and closer to what it should be for a person with as much experience as me.  The many big fished hooked offered lot of opportunity to hone the fish fighting skills.  Mark had many tips to offer to make it easier to fight and land the big boys. Sight fishing to the big carp is very similar to hunting bonefish in the salt.  First the fish are sighted, then a good cast must be made.  Your cast has to be close enough to get the fishes attention but not so close that the fish is spooked.  Then you must strip your line until the hook-up can be made with a slip-strike.  If you strip too much, you don’t give the fish an opportunity to eat the fly.  Thus, patience must be interjected into the frantic action of stripping the line.  It really test your nerves.  Chasing and hooking up with these big carp is really exciting angling, just like the best salt water action.  The carp hunting on trip was an excellent tune up for the trip to the salt I have planned this winter. I recommend this trip to any fly angler looking for exciting fishing action as well as a superb opportunity to improve all their fly fishing skills.


Mick Finn

Cheyenne  WY

July  2008




There’s an old axiom that you never make plans on the days you go fishing and boy did I learn that when Mark and I went out carping.  It was an absolutely phenomenal day and I had to be back at the car by 1 pm.  We hit the water by 9 am and we started catching carp right off.  They were everywhere. You could see them cruising near shore. It was site casting at its best and if you placed the fly in the right spot you always got a hookup. My first cast brought in an 8 pounder. By the time we had to head back to the dock I’ll bet I  had close to 120 pounds of fish to the boat including one 12 pounder. We even caught them on dries!! I have to say, it was my best day ever, so far, for carp on a fly. Needless to say I was really bummed as Mark and John pulled away from the dock. I’ll be back soon and believe me with no plans at all other than fishing.


Bill Mixer





Redfish in Wyoming? Well, almost. The next best trip I can think of is sight fishing for carp. One of the great angling days I had last year was fishing with Mark out of the Platte River Fly Shop fishing for carp on the Pathfinder Reservoir. Most intermountain anglers don’t pull out the heavy rods until that trip down south. Mark’s carp fishing off  his Scout flats boat prepares any salt-water angler for that trip for Redfish, Permit, Bonefish and even Tarpon. It takes practice to be a successful salt-water fly fisherman. The average trout angler does not get the opportunity to cast 70 feet of line accurately in the wind and recognize fish and nervous water in all light conditions. I highly recommend  Mark’s carp trips for anyone. I had a great time with a superior guide and I will be back for another trip.


Steve Gamble/Owner Gallatin River Lodge

Bozeman, Montana



Mark, I want thank you and your staff for some of best days I have had with a fishing rod in my hand. I have been fortunate enough to have fished some of the great waters of the world, both salt and fresh and I can honestly say that you and your staff are as good as any guides that I have had the honor to fish with. You not only have incredible trout fishing on the North Platte, but the Carp fishing on Pathfinder Reservoir is as close as many of us anglers will ever come to hooking a Redfish. One would never expect to be able to fish a trophy trout river and sight cast to 15lb Carp all within a few miles of each other.


Pete Woeck




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