Outcast OSG Ambush Raft

Outcast OSG Ambush Pontoon Boat is a frameless two person inflatable boat. The Outcast Ambush has a 1000 pound load capacity to keep you and your buddy out on your extended expedition.


Outcast OSG Commander Raft

Outcast OSG Commander Raft is lightweight and ideal for hard to access put-ins and adventure travel. The Outcast OSG Commander Raft design includes the best features of a kayak and a rowboat.


Outcast Fish Cat Scout

Outcast Fish Cat Scout is easy to carry and perfect for accessing new fishing waters. The Outcast Fish Cat Scout design includes the best features of a float tube and a pontoon boat.


Outcast Drifter 13 Raft

Outcast Drfiter 13 Raft comes with a functional three-person NRS fishing frame and 9' oars. The Outcast Drifter 13 Raft comes at a great price that won't break the bank for a raft of this quality.


Outcast Pac 1300 Raft

Outcast Pac 1300 Raft - A fishing raft roomy enough for 3 yet small enough to maneuver through tight water. The Outcast Pac 1300 Raft is only 13' in length and drafts in 4" of water


Outcast Pac 1400 Raft

Outcast PAC 1400 Raft is the most stable and versatile fishing platform available. The Outcast PAC 1400 Raft easily accommodates 3 anglers and enough gear for a lightweight overnight trip.


Outcast OSG Clearwater Raft

Outcast OSG Clearwater Raft is ready for big water and lots of gear. The Outcast OSG Clearwater Raft can hold 450lbs of load capacity but itself only weighs 35lbs and will fit in the bed of a pick-up truck.


Outcast Pac 136DD Raft

Outcast PAC 136DD Raft is a maneuverable, high-performance raft for extended fishing trips. The Outcast PAC 136DD Raft offers stability in rapids and provides plenty of room to haul big gear and passenger loads.