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Umpqua Sling Packs including Ambi, Bandolier, Steamboat and Switch Sling packs, Backpacks and Vests can be found here. The Umpqua Sling Packs are some of the best built and durable bags on the market today.

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Umpqua Switch 600 ZS Sling
Price: $99.00
The Umpqua Switch Sling ZS can be worn over either shoulder without removing clips or buckles. This Switch Sling Umpqua pack is very sleek and won't get hung up in your line.
Umpqua Steamboat 1200 ZS Sling
Price: $119.00
The Umpqua Steamboat Sling ZS stays out of the way of your cast and line. This Steamboat Sling Umpqua pack is perfect for spey and switch casters and is able to carry everything you need.
Umpqua Surveyor 2000 ZS Backpack
Price: $179.00
Umpqua Surveyor 2000 ZS Backpack has a completely re-built suspended back-panel that incorporates the same injection-molded frame-sheet in our Ledges ZS Waist Packs. 
Umpqua Tongass 5500 Gear Bag
Price: $169.00
Umpqua Tongass 5500 Gear Bag is a water-tight, roll top gear bag. 


Top Sellers

Umpqua Surveyor 2000 ZS Backpack
Price: $179.00