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Simms guide fly fishing waders including G4Z bootfoot, G4 Pro, G3 Guide fishing Wader, Headwaters, Freestone Z, Soul and Tributary. Including Kids Stockingfoots, Womens Stockingfoots are the best in the industry. Simms fly fishing products lead the fly fishing industry in technology, quality and durability.

Some of Simms best wader models requiring over 150 steps and passing through the hands of 20 plus Simms wader makers, some might consider American-made wader manufacturing a labor of love. That’s because it is. The wader making process is far from easy, and even further from fast. That’s the price we gladly pay to handcraft products with surgical precision from the ground up that enhance every moment you spend on the water.

Manufacturing waders at Simms HQ offers a multitude of advantages, one of which is having the ability to offer a vast array of sizing.

1. The finest materials, including proprietary GORE-TEX®are selected for construction of Simms waders. 2. Size sets are received, patterns are drawn and cut by hand. 3. Belt loops, back labels, reinforcement panels and pockets are pressed on. 4. Body panels are sewn. 5. Seams are taped and patched at the end of every tape run and seam intersection. 6. Suspenders and gravel guards are attached. 7. Stockingfeet are cut, glued, assembled, taped (inside and out) and attached. 8. Every wader is turned inside out, filled with water, proven leak free, then hung to dry. The wader is now ready to be shipped. 9. Simms onsite Repair Center performs maintenance and repairs so you can keep fishing. 

Simms waders come with one of the best wader warranties in the fly fishing industry. 

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Simms Wader Chart
Simms Wader Size Chart is a useful resource when trying to figure out what size waders you need. If you are having troubles please refer to this Simms Wader Size Chart
G4Z Gortex Men's Wader By Simms
(8 reviews)
Price: $849.95
The best of the best with a all new redesign for 2013 the G4Z (zippered) stocking foot waders from Simms comes back with a brand new guide 5 layer gore tex fabric found in the seat, waist and throughout the wader leg with 25% more breathability.
Simms G4 Pro Wader stockingfoot
(2 reviews)
Price: $749.95
Simms has really put together the perfect wader as the G4 stockingfoot pro guide waders are truly revolutionary. The Pro stockingfoot comes back with 25% more Simms breathability technology in the lower leg and 3 layer pro shell technology in the upper.
Simms Headwaters Pro Fishing Wader
(1 review)
Price: $449.95
The new Simms Headwaters Pro wader features an all-new 4-layer GORE-TEX® Pro fabric in the lower body for additional ruggedness, updated pocketing with more storage and molle webbing for tool attachment.
Simms G3 Guide Waders
(3 reviews)
Price: $549.95
Simms G3 Guide Waders new for 2018 now in river camo camouflage, are re-engineered with a new GORE-TEX 4-layer fabric technology, new styling, feature sets and fit. Fly-Fishing guides and skillful anglers regard the G3 Guide Waders as one of the highest quality waders on the market today.
Simms G3 Guide Pant Wader
Price: $499.95
The Simms G3 Guide Pant Wader features a 4-layer GORE-TEX fabric that now features 190 percent more breathability. These Simms Pant Waders are designed to optimize mobility, durability and be more breathable than ever before, thus making this G3 pant wader top of its class and preferred by fly-fisherman.
Simms Camo G3 Guide Camouflage Bootfoot Fishing Waders
Simms G3 Guide Camouflage Bootfoot
(1 review)
Price: $749.95
Simms new G3 Guide river camo fishing bootfoot waders are the industry standard for high quality camouflage gore-tex waders now available with vibram lug or traditional Simms felt soles.
Simms Freestone Z Wader
Price: $379.95
Shop Simms new Freestone Z Wader with free shipping including Simms reviews on Z Freestone and wader gear.
Simms Freestone Wader
Price: $279.95
The newly revised Simms fishing Freestone waders offer amazing breathability. Here you can shop Simms new Freestone stockingfoot wader with free shipping.
Simms Freestone Pant Wader
Price: $249.95
Shop Simms new Freestone Pant Wader with free shipping including Simms reviews on Freestone, Pants and wader gear.
Simms Tributary Wader
Price: $179.95
The new economical Simms fishing Tributary waders are sure to be a hit amongst those that cannot afford goretex and only fish a few days a year. Here you can shop Simms new Tributary stockingfoot wader with free shipping.
Simms Soul River Wader
Price: $179.95
The new economical limited edition Simms fishing Soul River waders are sure to be a hit amongst those that cannot afford goretex and want to support a great cause. Here you can shop Simms new Soul River stockingfoot wader with free shipping.
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Simms G4 Pro Wader stockingfoot
Price: $749.95
G4Z Gortex Men's Wader By Simms
Price: $849.95