Simms G4 Pro Sling Pack Review 
simms g4 pro sling pack 

In the past on Salt Water fly-fishing excursions I’ve worn a hip pack while wading the flats. But, because of my slender frame I could not get the damn things to stay up on my hips plus it always seemed like I was catching the fly line on a strap when casting. So with my two pending saltwater trips Feb. and March of 2017 one to Guanaja, Honduras and one to Cayo Largo, Cuba, I decided to try a sling pack.

I spent a good hour in my fly shop trying on different brands with different rates of waterproof protection. Mind you I’m an avid photographer and I like to carry a DSLR camera with me all the time. The true waterproof packs from Simms, Patagonia and Fishpond are definitely one to consider for that full protection, but I found them to be just empty void packs with absolutely no organizational pockets. So I decided to try the next best thing, a water resistant sling packs that had plastic zippers. I tried them all on and decided on the Simms G4 Pro Sling Pack. I chose this pack knowing that I would not be able to wade too deep or swim channels from flat to flat.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well I could organize my leaders, tippets, flies, extra pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, Go Pro Camera and DSLR Camera. And, on the days I need to take it along, I could also fit my Simms Hyalite Rain Jacket. Although in the end the tippet spool tender inside the smaller workstation broke and pulled out.

There were a few times when I either waded to deep or the pack got we slightly wet from boat spray. All the contents remained perfectly dry!
simms g4 pro sling pack

The Simms G4 Pro Sling Pack did its job and was fairly confortable to wear especially with 7 pounds of camera gear inside. Also it was very convenient to spin around my body and get whatever I needed without taking it off. I give it 4 stars out of 5 stars simply because of the tippet tender pulling out and breaking.

If you have any questions about the Simms G4 Pro Sling Pack or any other packs by Simms, Patagonia or Fishpond please email me at or call the Platte River Fly Shop at 307-237-5997

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