Simms Challenger Insulated Glove

Simms' new for 2020 Gore-Tex Infinium Flex Glove is windproof, lightweight and has pull back fingers. The Gore-Tex Simms Infinium Flex Glove comes with a double cuff to make it more compatible with the jacket you're wearing.


Simms Neoprene Wading Belt

The Simms Neoprene Wading Belt is a neoprene wading belt by Simms that is a heavy duty, quality made wading belt that is constructed with 5mm neoprene that provides fly-fisherman with a comfortable alternative to standard wading belts, so if you are in the market for a comfortable wading belt that is very well made and durable as well as very comfortable, then this Simms Neoprene Wading Belt is the one for you.