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Item #: Scientific Angler Sharkskin Saltwater Fl
Reg. Price: $99.95
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Scientific Angler Sharkskin Saltwater Fly Line

Scientific Angler Sharkskin - Saltwater Taper With Loop: This new technology takes fly lines to a whole new performance level. You will not believe how it casts and floats. See the key features of this fly line.


• Our world class saltwater floating line goes Sharkskin for unparalleled performance
• The best high performance multipurpose saltwater line
• Designed for warm to tropical conditions
• Mid length head loads medium to fast action rods
• Engineered for both boat and wading

The Ultimate Casting Experience

  • Super Shootability – vastly reduced friction through the rod guides
  • Improved Floatation – Microtextured surface traps air
  • Increased durability – Longer life of the Fly Line

What is Sharkskin Fly Line?

By modifying the surface of the fly line with a micro-repeating structure, you can achieve surface interface properties that mimic nature such as the ability of insects to walk on water, the shedding and self-cleaning ability of Lotus leaves, or the adhesion that allows a gecko to walk up vertical surfaces.

Scientific Anglers Sharkskin technology is a precise texturing process that embosses the surface of the fly line coating with a repeating geometric micro-pattern. The finished surface is no longer smooth, no longer exhibits unwanted line flash, and can be optimized via the engineered shape, depth, and frequency of the pattern to yield greatly improved line-to-water floatation, casting performance, and overall line suppleness and durability.

What is the specific benefit for a floating fly line?

The Sharkskin technology is a radical modification of typical smooth-surfaced fly lines…introducing a micro-pattern around the entire circumference of the line. One of the pattern’s key features is that it changes the meniscus force balance that up until now, holds all other floating fly lines at close to a neutral buoyancy within the line-water interface…essentially ½ the line is above the surface and ½ the line is below the surface.

The micro texture greatly increases the upward meniscus force through a combination of the water’s interaction with the new surface and the trapping of air into the valleys of the texture. The result is an over 200% improvement in resistance of the line to be forced into the water….effectively improving “floatation” of the line significantly beyond anything that can be achieved through addition of glass bubbles or surface chemistries. The line sits higher in the water – less drag, easier mending, easier roll casting, easier pick-ups, less water spray.


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