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Renzetti Special Edition Masters Vise 

The Special Edition Master’s Vise by Renzetti undermines both of those ideas with a subtle but significant attractive modification, creating a special Renzetti fly tying heirloom-quality tool you’ll actually want to use. Often when you see an already exceptional product upgraded it means it has just become less usable and more for collectors or display purposes. Plus, when you talk about top-end items, there usually isn’t much room for useful improvement. The Special Edition Master’s Vise by Renzetti undermines both of those ideas with a subtle but significant and attractive modification, creating a true heirloom-quality tool you’ll actually want to use.


Put simply, the only change to this very special version is that the aluminum body and arm are hard anodized in a stylish black finish. Hard anodization is usually reserved for fly reels and reel seats or any other application of aluminum that might come in contact with harsh conditions or be treated roughly in order to protect it better. While it might be perceived as overkill for a fly tying vise, especially one as overbuilt as the Masters, simply realize that many people have tied on their Masters Vise for decades now and that level of continuous use around solvents, glues and epoxies creates a harsh environment. A hard anodized finish will easily extend the lifespan of this vise by years, perhaps even decades, creating something you may well pass along to your kids, or even grandkids someday. The black color, together with the standard gold accents, keeps the vise from looking worn and creates a striking and elegant appearance. The finish will also make the vise much easier to clean at the end of the day and help to keep it clean for years to come.


The other addition to the Special Edition Masters fly tying vise is the inclusion of a matching black anodized Saltwater Deluxe base. All other features remain consistent with the original Masters, including jaws that hold hooks from size #28 up to 10/0, a built in material clip, the bobbin cradle and a true-rotary design.



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by Zach
on 2/23/2017
Amazing Vise!
Hands down, this is the best commercially made vise you can get on the market, the hard anodizing makes it super corrosive resistant and opts for an amazing quality vise to use outdoors.
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