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Item #: Regal Travel Vise
Our Price: $189.95
Vise Head  

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Regal Travel Vise

The REGAL TRAVEL VISE is the perfect vise to fit in your boat bag, back pack, or luggage. This is the best option when weight is a concern. All TRAVEL VISES revolve around a 360° axis and articulate 220° up and down. This vise is available with many head options.

The truly amazing thing about purchasing a REGAL VISE is that you can get the exact vise that will match your style of fly tying. Simply choose the REGAL HEAD based on the range of hooks you normally tye on. Match the HEAD with the BASE or C-Clamp you would like and you have the perfect


Fly Tying is a multifaceted art. Some choose to tie with speed and economy, and others take notice that every wrap is perfectly and artfully placed. The common denominator is that all tiers need their hook held firm. We have spent decades designing and manufacturing VISES that will perform perfectly for any style Fly Tier. Whatever you choose to tie, we have a head that will suit your style and hook choices perfectly.

This is a fantastic option for most Fly Tiers. This head is designed to handle most freshwater (for cold & warm-water species) and lighter saltwater
hooks. Available on MEDALLION, REVOLUTION, and TRAVEL VISES. Holds hooks size 22 to 1/0

This is the best option for Fly Tiers concentrating on tail-waters and spring creeks for Trout. This head is specifically designed to handle small
freshwater hooks. Available on MEDALLION, and TRAVEL VISES. Holds hooks size 32 to 6

This is the best option for Fly Tiers targeting large predatory species in cold, warm, or saltwater. This head is specifically designed to handle truly large hooks. Available on MEDALLION, REVOLUTION and TRAVEL VISES. Holds hooks size 22 to 5/0 - Ergonomic Handle

The REGAL STAINLESS STEEL HEAD is the professionals choice, allowing you to tye tiny midges up to huge streamers. This head accepts the largest range of hook sizes. Available on MEDALLION, and TRAVEL VISES. Holds hooks size 32 to 2 - Ergonomic Handle

All Regal vises and accessories are manufactured to last a lifetime. As with all precision equipment, the tool simply needs some routine tender loving care. Regal suggests a drop or two of gun oil every so often rubbed into the surface of the head and stem not unlike you would do to a prized firearm. This simple task will bring out the true color and luster of the vise and help preserve it.

All Regal vises are shipped as right-handed. Making the vise left-handed is a very simple procedure and only takes a few minutes. On the under side of the vise you will see a hex nut in the ball that holds the jaw handles in place. Simply loosen the nut with a 7/64’’ hex wrench and swing the jaw handle to the other side. Tighten the hex nut and you are ready to tie from the left-hand position.


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