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This Ross Animas Fly Reel is Superb

Review by Debra Jackson on 12/13/2017

This Ross Animas fly-fishing fly reel is really great and also really lokks nice and the girls at Platte River Fly shop are so helpful and knowledgeable, so my entire experience was really great.

The Ross Animas Fly-Fishing Fly Reel is Great

Review by Alex Buckner on 12/12/2017

I highly recommend the Ross Animas Fly-Fishing Fly Reel to all fly-fisherman who are looking for a quality, great-priced fly reel that feels really great. This Ross Animas fly-fishing fly reel is really, really great.

Eastern Washington Angler:

Review by Steven on 3/24/2017

The fourth week of December 2016 I purchased my second Ross Cimarron II 4/5 fly reel and was very satisfied with the fly shop online service. (See my Ross Cimarron II review.) So recently I made another online purchase, a Ross Animas 5/6, Stealth Black w/Moss, a very appealing color which compliments my Sage 9’0” 6wt. Balance, top-of-the-line ergonomics and a super smooth drag make this combination a joy to fish with. Once again this was a refreshing and effortless experience. Thank you North Platte River Fly Shop for another quality product and expeditious delivery.


Review by Bill on 2/26/2015

Great reel, solidly built, and gorgeous to look at. Not the first Ross Reel I've owned but definitely the best I've owned. And the best looking!!

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