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Here you can find the absolute best deals on select Patagonia, Simms, Fishpond, Umpqua, waders, rods and reels and so many other items at Special Prices.
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Patagonia Women's Island Hopper Long Sleeve Shirt Bargain Bin
$99.00 Price: $29.00
Patagonia Women's Longsleeve Island Hopper II Shirt is a lightweight fishing shirt with fit and details for the female angler.
Simms Solarflex Sun Gloves Bargain Sale
$29.95 Price: $18.95
The Simms Solarflex Sun Gloves features improved overall coverage and fit, while a synthetic overlay on the index finger increases stripping durability. Tie knots with ease thanks to the agility-enhanced half-finger design and bolster sun protection via extended coverage on middle and index fingers. When it's time for your hands to go naked, pairing snaps keep your gloves connected.
Simms Solarflex Guide Gloves Closeout Sale Bargain Sale
$49.95 Price: $28.95
The Simms Solarflex Guide Gloves give your hands hope against harmful UV rays with Simms guide-approved gloves. Solarflex Guide Gloves feature plush UPF50 stretch fabric on the back of the hand, full-coverage cuffs, and water-resistant goat leather palms. Added material bolsters protection in the index and middle fingers, while pairing snaps ensure your gloves stay connected when not in use.
Simms Bugstopper Sun Gloves Bargain Sale
$34.95 Price: $21.95
The Simms Bugstopper Sun Gloves protect your hands from sun and biting bugs.
Simms G4 Glove Bargain Sale
$119.95 Price: $75.00
Simms G4 Glove is new for 2014. The Simms G4 Glove is fully waterproof and extremely dexterous.
Simms Women's Fleece Lined Pom Hat Closeout Sale
$29.95 Price: $18.95
Tuck inside Simms Fleece Lined Pom Hat and introduce your cold head to instant, appreciated warmth. The wool blend cuffed knit crown features a full fleece liner that cuts the wickedness out of wet days
Fishpond Vaquero Waxed Canvas Vest
$149.95 Price: $99.00
Fishpond Vaquero Tech Pack is for those who want flexibility, in a minimalist package that makes them look great on video. T
Simms Big Hole Pom Hat Bargain Sale
$34.95 Price: $22.95
Simms new Big Hole Pom Hat boasts a Simms trout or a dry fly print around this fleece lined winter hat.
Simms Women's Sungaiter Bargain Sale
$29.95 Price: $18.95
Simms Women's Sungaiter is quick-dry, breathable and has UPF50 sun protection.  This sungaiter willfit over the back of a hat.
Simms Women's Neoprene Wading Socks Size Large Bargain Sale
$24.95 Price: $15.95
The Simms Women's Neoprene Wading Socks are women's wading socks by Simms that provide women fly-fisherman with a quality wading sock that is made with high quality 2.5mm neoprene and 2.5mm airprene. The 2.5mm airprene underfoot is designed to allow women's feet to breathe and is also designed to reduce odors during your fly-fishing activities.
Simms Neoprene Wading Socks Bargain Sale
$24.95 Price: $15.95
The Simms Neoprene Wading Socks are ideal to wear with our wading sandals when fishing cold rivers on hot days
Simms Sungaiter Cool Bargain Sale
$39.95 Price: $25.95
The Simms Sungaiter Cool is made with Coolcore that when wet provides a 30% lower surface temperature.  Just dunk this gaiter in the water, wring it out (or not), put it back on and be cool.
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