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Patagonia Women's Maple Grove Jacket Closeout Sale
(1 review)
$249.00 Price: $124.00
Work wear made simple with fuzzy fleece in the inside and a water repellent cotton/polyester canvas shell, the new Patagonia Women's Maple Grove Canvas Jacket is as rugged as any Carhart out there.
Patagonia Women's Out Yonder Coat Closeout Sale
(3 reviews)
$249.00 Price: $124.00
The new Patagonia Women's Out Yonder Coat is a rugged blend of canvas and wool with a stylish femine look to it.  The Out Yonder Coat by Patgaonia is for women needing strong protection from the wintery cold.
Patagonia Women's Woolie Fleece Pullover Holiday Sale
(1 review)
$159.00 Price: $111.00
The Woolie Fleece Pullover has wool on the outside and soft cotton on the inside and has the appearance of a sweatshirt. The Patagonia Woolie Pullover is a warm sweater that can be worn over a shirt or can also be worn as a light jacket when the season calls for it.
Patagonia Planing Divider Pack Sale on Select Colors
$119.00 Price: $119.00
Patagonia Planing Divider Pack 30L is waterproof with taped seams and also comes with a mesh divider pocket inside.  The Planing Divider Pack helps you easily carry your goods while keeping the contents dry.
Patagonia Women's Downtown Parka Closeout Sale
(2 reviews)
$379.00 Price: $265.00
Women, this is truly the one and only Patagonia extreme cold parka that you will need. The Downtown Loft Parka is like wearing a pretty sleeping bag around your body. The sleek finished exterior has a water repelling barrier to better keep you dry and toasty.
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