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Patagonia Men's Nano-Air Jacket Closeout Sale
$249.00 Price: $159.00
Air in a jacket, is that truly possible? Well Patagonia has made it possible with Patagonia's Men's Nano Air Jacket, this jacket feels like air on the body, lightweight and extremely breathable.
Patagonia Men's Nano Air Vest
$199.00 Price: $119.00
Patagonia's Nano Air Vest is a new definition in warmth and style, the Nano Air Vest uses synthetic down to provide warmth, while limiting the bulk.
Patagonia Men's Nano-Air Hoody Closeout Sale
$299.00 Price: $189.00
Personally I always get overheated when hiking or walking long distances and while wearing Patagonia's Men's Nano Air Hoody, it is nearly impossible to get overheated. The new FullRange insulation offers optimal breathability, while still providing warmth.


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