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Here you can find Loop fly rods like Loop Cross 1, Opti Creek, Opti Stream, Opti River and Exact, built to last and function in the world’s toughest conditions and to last for season after season.

loop singlehand and double hand fly, spey, switch rods

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Loop Evotec Cast Medium Fly Rod
Loop Evotec Cast Medium Fly Rod
Price: $469.00
Finished in a stunning pearlised brown, the Loop CAST Medium action rods are ideal for delicate fly presentation and encourages longer power application through the smoothest of full flex rod actions. Each rod in this flex tempo is designed for freshwater fishing. 
Loop Evotec Cast Medium Fast Fly Rod
Loop Evotec Cast Medium Fast Rod
Price: $469.00
The Medium Fast LOOP Evotec Cast fly rod series offers an action that allows for continual power application through the casting stroke, achieving both optimum fly presentation and fish-fighting ability.  The CAST Medium Fast rods allow you to fish all day with maximum performance and minimum fatigue.
Loop Evotec Cast Fast Fly Rod
Loop Evotec Cast Fast Rod
Price: $469.00
LOOP CAST Fast rods deliver flies quickly to the taking zone without compromising on the positive ‘feel’ response that anglers have come to expect from LOOP fly rods. These models will accurately present flies at distance with both power and finesse to an extensive range of species.