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Item #: G.Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Fly Rod
Reg. Price: $745.00
Our Price: $595.00


G.Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Fly Rod

When conditions call for long, delicate casts using extremelylight leaders to help you fool spooky fish, the NRX LP rods are the answer. They are smooth casting, soft tapers for managing long, whisper-thin leaders and small to medium-sized dry flies. They track true for exceptional accuracy and control, plus they are light as a feather with beautiful lines, featuring select species cork and your choice of our original, stealthy look in matte black with bright blue wraps or a more traditional Evergreen with subtle green wraps and silver trim. When the fish get finicky and the water gets low and clear you will have the answer... NRX LP!

The NRX ‘Light Presentation’ (LP) fly rods are ideal when conditions call for long, delicate casts with extremely light leaders to target spooky fish. The 3-weight NRX 1043-3LP – an 8’8” rod - is for accurate approaches in clear streams and ponds, and also high mountain lakes and streams. For longer casts and soft presentations, there’s the 9’ NRX 1084-4LP, a 4-weight for extremely clear waters – while the 5-weight NRX 1085-5LP is the all-around 9’ rod in the line-up. With the two new 10’ nymph rods, fly anglers are offered the longer rod length plus powerful fast-action tapers for both Czech nymphing and lobbing weighted nymphs upstream, and also for ‘dead-drifting’ with either weighted or unweighted nymphs. The NRX1203-4 Nymph is the 3-weight for light leaders and targeting smaller trout, while the 4-weight NRX 1204-4 Nymph is for slightly heavier leaders and is extra stiff to ‘pull’ weighted nymphs. All the NRX fly rods feature black Ion coated REC Recoil guides. Each features a custom reel seat – proprietary to G.Loomis – making it easy to lock the reel in. The grips feature a G.Loomis design, where the cork transitions to provide more sensitivity where needed, and then more durability in areas where needed. “Since their inception, NRX fly rods have been all about line on the water sensitivity that anglers have never felt before – either in a G.Loomis rod or any other,” Poe states. “And with these new LP and nymph rods, we’re addressing the global strength of our brand by providing anglers with the right rod needed for the different fly-fishing technique used around the world. At G.Loomis, we continue to say these rods have life. Fish one and you’ll quickly feel what we mean.” 

Item # Model Length Handle Pieces Line Weight Taper Power
12097-01 NRX 903-4 LP G 7'6" A 4 3 Moderate Medium
12099-01 NRX 1043-4 LP G 8'8" A 4 3 Moderate Medium
12100-01 NRX 1084-4 LP G 9' B 4 4 Moderate Medium
12101-01 NRX 1085-4 LP G 9' B 4 5 Moderate Medium
12085-01 NRX 903-4 LP 7'6" D 4 3 Moderate Medium
12087-01 NRX 1043-4 LP 8'8" C 4 3 Moderate Medium
12088-01 NRX 1084-4 LP 9' D 4 4 Moderate Medium
12089-01 NRX 1085-4 LP 9' D 4 5 Moderate Medium

G Loomis NRX Lite Presentation Fly Rod


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