Renzetti Clouser Fly Tying Vise: Cam Traveler

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Renzetti Clouser Traveler 2200 and 2300 Vise

Bob Clouser is one of the most celebrated names in fly fishing and we are proud to offer a series of vises specially designed for tying his famed Clouser Minnow as well as other long streamer patterns. The unique design of these vises is engineered to facilitate proper material placement along the hook shank which is critical for achieving the silhouettes and profiles these patterns require. With the exception of the rotary shaft the Renzetti Clouser 2200 Series offers the same features as The Traveler 2200. The Renzetti Clouser Traveler vises has a hook range from size 28 to 4/0.

The Clouser Traveler 2200 series has a clear anodized finish while the Clouser Traveler 2300 series comes with a black anodized finish. The C2104 has a 6x6 base and hook retainer while the C2105 has a 6x8 tan powder coated streamer base and hook retainer.

The versatility of the Traveler Series allows you to have it all. The Vise Head (upper part of the vise) is interchangeable among the Series and Tube Fly Vise. A Traveler Clouser Minnow arm, when sold as an accessory can be used on a Saltwater Traveler by also adding the saltwater jaws. 

*Accessories are not included with vises as in the picture!

Folks searching for the word fly tying vises is often misspelled as fly tying vice or vices.

Renzetti 2200 Clouser Travler Vise

As Renzetti, manufacturer of the finest fly tying vises and tools available, upgrades and changes their vises to keep up with demand and technology, so too must the accessories change. As a result, Renzetti introduces a brand new Clouser Arm designed specifically for the current series of Traveler and Presentation cam-jawed vises.

            The popular Clouser arm, originally designed with the help of famed tier Bob Clouser, allows tiers to work on longer streamers more effectively. Unfortunately, the previous version of this arm didn’t work with the more popular and now standard cam-operated jaws. The new Clouser Arm not only works with all cam jaws, including Saltwater Traveler jaws, but it also fits all current models of the Traveler, including the new 2200 series, and Presentation series vises with the exception of the Presentation 2000 (a Clouser arm is currently under development for this model). No additional parts are needed for conversion.


            Like the previous arm, this one is also machined from aluminum and then clear anodized to ensure durability. The new Clouser arm will be available beginning in April of 2008 and will retail for $49.95 for each of the three design. For more information, write Renzetti at8800 Grissom Parkway,Titusville,FL32780; call 321-267-7705; or visit


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