Dyna-King The Ultimate Indexer Vise

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Dyna-King The Ultimate Indexer Vise

NEW for Summer 2008. If you have a fondness for the Barracuda Indexer you'll absolutely love the ULTIMATE INDEXER. This vise has all the features as the traditional Indexer but some newly added features like a freely rotating body, a new innovative angle adjustment "shaft"(which allows the whole vise to angle up or down!), new bobbin mount design (it moves up,down and around), additional 90 degree handle and of course the Indexing feature that allows when engaged 8 pivot clicks and stopping points in the rotation and the same ball bearings in the housing for smooth rotation when not engaged. Your choice of either XLG pedestal base or Large Clamp with outrigger and brass knobs all throughout the vise. 


Full Rotary
Smooth Rotation with bearings in housing
Tool Steel Jaws
Hardened cam
Rotational lock
Rotational Drag Adjustment
Forcing Cone Adjusts Jaw Tension
New innovative Light Weight Bobbin Hanger included with vise

Folks searching for the word fly tying vises is often mispelled as fly tying vice or vices.


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Dyna-King Ultimate Indexer

Review by Alan on 9/30/2016

Earlier this year I decided a second vise, primarily for convenience to tie Tiger Muskie Streamers, as the Renzetti can now be dedicated to small trout flies. The Dyna-King Professional C-clamp is highly rated in Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying book but is a bit dated so I opted for the newer Ultimate Indexer Vise. It seems to be worth the extra cost and has interesting features to simplify tying, of course. Initially, clamping files took some attention but there were no real problem at all this the vise so I use it constantly.

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