Dyna-King Professional Vise Fly Tying

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Dyna-King Professional Fly Tying Vise - This vise brings most of the fine features found on the Supreme. It differs only in angle adjustment, with four positive-locking positions for the body angle. It locks for really stable tying. For the heavy-handed tier or for those tying large bass and tarpon flies.  It has 360 degree rotation and is fully machined with the best stainless steel and aluminum available. Available in Pedestal or Clamp base. 

Folks searching for the word fly tying vises is often mispelled as fly tying vice or vices.

The Professional

Tool Steel Jaws
Forcing Cone Adjusts Tension
Rotational Body
Rotary Lock Screw
Hardened Cam
Pivot Head
Set Collar
Lock Screw
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Dyna-King Professional Vise

Review by John on 5/18/2019

For those of us that prefer a traditional fly tying vise over a rotary, the Dyna-King professional is the ultimate vise, and probably the last you will ever need to own. The main purpose of a vise is to hold hooks, and this one does it easily and well. You can break the hook before it slips in the jaws. The only time I ever used the rotary function in a rotary vise, was to see all sides. You can do that with the Dyna-King Pro. Well engineered, well constructed, with great materials, and made in the USA. Need go no further. Highly recommended.

Dyna king professional vise

Review by Vince Dimeglio on 2/12/2019

Great vise. Beautifully machined and assembled. Made in the USA. I've tied hooks down to size 24 on the standard Jaws and they hold firm. Love the c clamp version that has a large C portion making it usable on most tables and desks. The vise can be rotated 360 degrees, which I use often to inspect my fly as I tie but I don't tie rotary often, and if you were looking for a vise that specializes in that, I'd say look to other models. I would definitely recommend this vise for anyone looking for a good solid vise.

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