Redington Trailblazer Fly Rod

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The all-new TRAILBLAZER is ready for anywhere you want to go because there are no good reasons to leave your fly

rod at home.

Sometimes the best fly fishing adventures come with a long walk in the woods, spontaneous roadside stops, and a rod

that rises to every opportunity. When the backcountry beckons or the open road calls, The TRAILBLAZER sets the

standard for durable, lightweight, and compact travel wherever the map leads.

Designed to fit into all your outdoor adventures—whether your rig is packed to the gills with necessary provisions for a

cross-country road trip or your backpack can’t stash any more weight. The all-new 6-piece rod is designed with a small

footprint and compact tube, ideal for long treks—seriously—it’s the lightest rod we’ve ever built. And a spicy red blank

with hints of neon green sets your style and adventures ablaze.

Scouting for risers at high alpine lakes? Pack the 9ft 5wt for the little extra oomph needed to punch through windy

conditions. Prefer to bushwhack through small streams in the backcountry? Reach for the 7’6” 3wt to accompany you

on ultra-light activities.

If you’re looking for a fly rod that’s not only a joy to cast but a total space saver and game for every adventure—look no

further than the TRAILBLAZER.

- Easy casting medium-fast action designed for any trout fishing scenario

 - 6 Piece Rod, makes it easy to pack in a bag, luggage, or your camper

- Single Foot Snake Guides Reducing Weight

- A Compact Rod Tube Keeps It Safe While Reducing Footprint

- Anodized Aluminum Reel Seat Improves Durability

- Lively Colorway Is Styled For Adventure

- Lightest Travel Rod We’ve Ever Built

- 7’6” 3wt – Perfect Backpacking Rod for Small Streams

- 9’ 5wt – Go-to for Mountain Lakes, for Long Casts and Windy Conditions

- Lifetime Warranty

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 1 review )

Best travel rod yet!

Review by Don on 5/18/2022

Simply THE perfect little 6-piece pack rod, with one exception...can you guess? Yes, the color! Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful to look at, but do you really want a bright red rod when fly fishing a mountain brook? Maybe someone did some research and determined trout can't see red and yellow! I would have preferred a camo green or black rod, but maybe that's just me. I purchased this rod, sight unseen, from my favorite online fly fishing shop, the Platte River Fly Shop . I happen to live in Arizona. I've taken it up for one backpack trip to the West Fork Little Colorado (Mt Baldy Wilderness area) here in AZ. What a perfect action this rod has! The designers nailed it. It now has mojo...I won't say which fish breed or how many or where exactly, but I will say that I prefer it to my two $650+ Sage Dart rods and my custom Sage 376-3 Sonic (maybe that one is a tie). I'm looking forward to some Uinta trips and a trip to the Winds in Wyoming. Wow, even with the color, 5 stars!

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