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Fishpond Chest Packs, Vests, and Tech can be found here. Fishpond has come up with innovative ideas for both their chest packs and vests.

Fishpond Chest Packs, Vests, Tech Backpacks

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Fishpond Bitch Creek Tech Pack
Price: $229.95
The Fishpond Bitch Creek Tech Pack is the Backpack with the Medicine Bow Chest Pack that can be attatched or removed.
Fishpond Gunnison Guide Pack
Price: $129.95
Fishpond Gunnison Guide Pack is built to to hold a large amount of gear and keep it organized.
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Top Sellers

Fishpond Summit Sling
Price: $99.95
Fishpond Wildhorse Tech Pack
Price: $229.95
Fishpond Waterdance Guide Pack
Price: $99.95