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Fishpond Chest Packs, Vests, and Tech can be found here. Fishpond has come up with innovative ideas for both their chest packs and vests.

Fishpond Chest Packs, Vests, Tech Backpacks

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Fishpond Waterdance Guide Pack
Price: $99.95
Our name is dances with waters but really the Waterdance Guide Pack from Fishpond is a go-to pack for a lot of guides. The Waterdance pack offers everything from it's three zippered main storage compartments to it's easy lumbar pack conversion.
Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack
Price: $49.95
A classic from Fishpond the San Juan Vertical is for the minimalist that needs chest pack basics allowing for light travel. The San Juan Vertical will make you feel comfortable you’ve still got everything you need in a chest pack.
Fishpond Medicine Bow Chest Pack
Price: $69.95
Fishpond's Medicine Bow Chest Pack is small and lightweight, it can deceive, but the pack is jammed with features. Like water-resistent zippers, a fold-down molded bench, and a main compartment that can hold those large fly boxes you love so much.
Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack
Price: $69.95
As an older model from Fishpond the Arroyo Chest Pack remains a classic for the minimalist fly fishermand. The chest pack is perfect when a single fly box isn't enough. The Arroyo can be worn as a sling bag for any local creek or stream.
Fishpond Blue River Chest/Lumbar Pack
Price: $79.95
Born from the Blue River in Colorado, ths chest lumbar pack from Fishpond can be worn as a lumbar or in sling style. The Blue River has enough space as lumbar pack, but will still fit all your fly fishing needs as a chest pack.
Fishpond Flint Hills Lumbar Pack
Price: $54.95
Sounds like a pack you need to use someplace back east, but the Flint Hills Lumbar Pack from Fishpond has many of the features you'd expect from a fishpond pack at an affordable price. The Flint Hills Lumbar Pack is lightweight and breathable which perfect for those short day hikes.
Fishpond Encampment Lumbar Pack
Price: $89.95
Fishpond Encampment Lumbar Pack is sized for a couple of fly boxes and all your accessories, yet with enough support for heavier loads, it's constructed of recycled commercial fishing net material and outfitted with water-resistent zippers, cord loops for securing.
Fishpond Wildhorse Tech Pack
Price: $229.95
Here in Wyoming the wild horses roam free and stand for toughness and longevity. You can say the same for the Wildhorse Tech Pack from Fishpond. Also built for comfort and capacity, the Wildhorse Pack stands alone with its high-capacity backpack and versatile design, allowing you to reach the toughest destinations you can find.
Wasatch Tech Pack
Price: $189.95
Named after the Wasatch Range in Utah, the Wasatch Tech Pack will allow you to go on those long range trips with all your gear. Fishpond combined a hydration reservoir pocket, chest pack, back pack and vest all into one technical piece of fishing gear.
Gore Range Tech Pack
Price: $149.95
One of first tech packs originated at Fishpond, the Gore Range is lightweight with versatility and expandability. Adjusts to fit all weather conditions and has zip down fly benches. Comes with Fishpond's mesh expansion pockets for tippet spools, and a large mesh back pocket with additional horizontal zippered pocket for stowing extra gear.
Fishpond Flint Hills Vest
Price: $89.95
With it's cool Fishpond light mesh fabric and padded weight distributing shoulder straps the Flint Hills fly fishing vest is not only comfortable and functional, but is also very affordable.
Sagebrush Mesh Vest
Price: $129.95
With it's horizontal pocket construction, the Sagebrush Mesh Vest is designed to be lightweight and cool and is Fishpond's lightest vest, The Sagebrush comes with all of Fishpond's technical features including large cargo pockets that will of boxes and needed accessories, built-in tippet dispenser pocket and adjustable fishpond suspension system.
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Fishpond Wildhorse Tech Pack
Price: $229.95
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Price: $99.95
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