Wyoming Fly Fishing Drink Sleeve

Slip a Wyoming Fly Fishing drink sleeve around your canned beverage of choice for a nice cold drink while showing your love for Wyoming Fly Fishing.


20/20 Magnet Tippet Threader

Magnet Fly Threader is designed for a wide variety of sizes. The Magnet Fly Threader makes threading flies a breeze for old guys like me that can't see.


Cliff Outdoors Cliff Hanger

Cliff Outdoors Hanger is a great way to store your floatant. The Cliff Outdoor Hanger always has your floatant ready when you need it.


Cliff Outdoors Catch Patch

Cliff Outdoors Catch Patch is perfect for keep flies on you hat. The Cliff Outdoors Catch Patch comes with two pin on attachments.


Dr. Slick Magnetic Net Holder

Dr Slick Magnetic Net Holder has a powerful magnet that keeps your net orderly and ready to use with a carabiner that attaches to the back of your vest.