Cliff Outdoors SP Leaf for Beast Fly Box

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Cliff Outdoors SP Leaf

You don't know how many times we have heard that the Beast box needed an extra leaf to hold more flies.  Our thought was, just buy an additional box (Cliff's pretty sharp that way).  It was on a trip south and space on the plane was limited, when even Cliff said it would be nice to have a leaf in the Beast.

So a special leaf for the Beast is alive and well.  It pops in and out easily, and you can take the SP Leaf out to use during the day and use it as a big Float Patch.  Tuck it safely back in the box when you are done -- it's handier than pockets in your underwear.



Cliff Outdoors SP Leaf

The Days Worth™ Fly Box

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Click to see The Days Worth(TM) Fly Box There are anglers out there who feel it is necessary to carry a couple of thousand flies (arranged perfectly by size and color in $100 fly boxes and stuffed in their vest) when they head out for a day on the river. To those folks our Days Worth™ Fly Box probably won't make a lot of sense, and that's ok. However, if you are the type of angler who knows your home water, knows fish, and only needs a hundred flies or so to cover all the bases, we have a box you should check out.

The bulk of angling we do is on tail-water trout fisheries in the Mountain West (the North Platte, the Bighorn, the Green) as well as some great smaller streams and spring creeks. That means to be successful you usually need to fish smaller flies. And believe it or not, there is always the possibility for a little "wind". We found that conventional fly boxes, small flies, and wind can be a costly combination.

A few years ago, we decided to create a fly box that worked for our style of fishing. The Days Worth™ Fly Box was originally designed as an incredibly stout "day box" for western trout guides. The first time you open a Days Worth™ Fly Box you will see and feel the difference. It has a strong magnetic bottom to securely hold small flies (open it with confidence in the wind) and self-healing foam strips to handle anything up to a size 2 weighted wooly bugger. You need to see for yourself why we consider the Days Worth™ Fly Box to be the finest small fly box available.
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Bugger Beast SP Leaf

Review by SN on 6/28/2022

Coupled with a Bugger Beast you can store more streamers than you will use in a lifetime! Fits a Bugger Beast perfect. Great quality as usual from Cliff.

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