Cliff Outdoors Dry Fly Rehab Center

Price: $15.95
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The Dry Fly Rehab Center™ (DFRC) combines two time-tested "Cliff" products (The Strait-N-Dry™ and Cliff's Wonder Dust™) into what we feel is the ultimate in dry fly maintenance. When the DFRC is hung from your lanyard, chest pack, or vest you have instant access to one handy little system that will keep your fly dry and on top. Here's how it works. First, use Cliff's Wonder Dust™ to waterproof your fly. With our recommended "Cram-N-Float" application method and you've got a bug that will give you lots of good drifts, even in choppy water. The real beauty of the Dry Fly Rehab Center™ is how fast you can "rehab" a drowned fly after releasing a fish. It is so simple. Just clean and dry your fly with the incredible water absorbing pads on the Strait-N-Dry™, then press your fly (Cram-N-Float) into the Wonder Dust™. You now have a fly that will once again float like a cork. You can turn a soggy chunk of hair and feathers into a high-floating piece of trout candy in five seconds. That's sweet
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