Rio Scandi Body

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Rio Scandi Body

The Scandi body is a short body to which a multitude of tips can be attached – it is the most versatile design of all, and blends Skagit power with Scandi grace. It is ideal for anglers that want to travel light, yet have multiple fishing options. To the front end of the body anglers can attach regular 10 ft & 15 ft tips, MOW tips, “T” tips, iMOW tips or VersiLeaders, and with three different body densities to choose from (floating, intermediate and Sink 4), all water conditions are covered. 

  • Multi-purpose design, casts like a Scandi or a Skagit
  • Printed ID system on the rear of the head for quick recognition 
  • Loops on both ends for fast rigging 


SKULine SizeColorSink RateHead WeightHead Length
6-20952 6wt Straw Float 305gr / 19.8gm 23ft / 7m
6-20953 6/7wt Straw Float 325gr / 21.1gm 23ft / 7m
6-20954 7wt Straw Float 350gr / 22.7gm 23ft / 7m
6-20955 7/8wt Straw Float 375gr / 24.3gm 23ft / 7m
6-20956 8wt Straw Float 400gr / 25.9gm 23ft / 7m
6-20957 8/9wt Straw Float 425gr / 27.5gm 23ft / 7m
6-20958 9wt Straw Float 455gr / 29.5gm 23ft / 7m
6-20959 10wt Straw Float 500gr / 32.4gm 23ft / 7m
6-20960 11wt Straw Float 540gr / 35gm 23ft / 7m
6-20336 6wt Clear Camo 1.5 - 2ips 305gr / 19.8gm 23ft / 7m
6-20337 7wt Clear Camo 1.5 - 2ips 350gr / 22.7gm 23ft / 7m
6-20338 8wt Clear Camo 1.5 - 2ips 400gr / 25.9gm 23ft / 7m
6-20339 9wt Clear Camo 1.5 - 2ips 455gr / 29.5gm 23ft / 7m
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Rio Scandi Body for Loomis Trout Spey Rod

Review by Guy Warner on 8/12/2019

On my Loomis G-Loomis IMX PRO 41111-4 Short Spey and Switch Rod, this line works very well with five to ten feet of floating or sinking tip with another five to ten feet of tippet. It will cast heavier flies very far. For very heavy flies, switch to the AirFlo Skagit Scout head.

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