AirFlo Superflo Sink Tips

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AirFlo Superflo Sink Tips

When are you going to produce a range of Superflo Tip Lines? Since the launch of our Superflo floating lines, we have been asked this question above all others!  

Washing line techniques demand the ultimate in 'line control', so we have created a complete series of fly lines with the superior casting attributes you have come to expect from Superflo.  

Available in Slow and Fast Intermediate tips, in the standard 6' and 12' lengths, we also added lines to the range for 2020.  

The 3' Mini Tip stays in the range, together with a new 'Anchor Tip' that's 3' long, has made the lineup. Designed by Gareth Jones to help maintain a static presentation in rough conditions, this line has an additional fast sink section at the very tip of the line, that also improves the 'deadly' vertical lift at the end of each retrieve. The Airflo Superflo Anchor Tip line features a short section of Di 7 (7ips) at the tip of the line to make this the ultimate fly line for fishing buzzers or nymphs from both bank and boat bank. The Anchor line features a short tungsten tip at the end of the line to anchor the tip beneath the surface.

We have also added a 12' Mid Intermediate tip, featuring a gradual density increase from floating belly to 1inch per second at the tip to help accurately cover the depths with a slow to static presentation.  

The Impact taper design with its relatively short front taper and long rear taper loads easily and work well in a wide range of applications, excelling in control and lifts from the surface of the water with ease. The super slick and high buoyancy of the Superflo coating allows for even better hook up rates as the floating running line on these 12ft mini tips glides across the surface of the water.  

Designed specifically for the Stillwater angler who are wanting to fish the washing line method or generally keep their flies just below beneath the surface.

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