AirFlo Sixth Sense Sinking Fly Line

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AirFlo Sixth Sense Sinking Fly Line

Airflo's Sixth Sense sinking lines are the ultimate full sinking stillwater lines. The low-stretch core makes bite detection and hooksetting a breeze, even at depths that would scare Jacque Cousteau. Airflo's Polyurethane coatings bond better with tungsten than PVC, making them sink fast without sacrificing cast-ability. Available in Sink3, Sink5, and Sink7.

As true masters of sinking line technology, remember we’re the guys who created density compensation, low stretch cores, and a standardized sink rate system. So it’s no surprise that we’ve taken this cutting edge range of lines a step further.

Knowing how much line you have left in the water is one of the keys to successful sunk line fishing. With our new “Hang Marker“ system, you have color coded marks on your line that clearly tell you how much is still down there. Sunk line fishing just got a whole lot easier.

Additional Information

Product Use:
Delta Taper for presentation at distance
Line Size:
DI3 WF5/6 -8/9, DI5, DI7, WF6/7 -8/9
DI3 Dark Green, DI5 Dark Blue, DI7&8 Black with Orangehaul zone and hang markers at 10' and 20'
DI3 (3IPS), DI5 (5IPS), DI7 (7IPS) & DI8 (8IPS)

Core Material:
Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core
Ultra Supple Polyurethane (PU)
Optimum Temperature Range:
5c to 30c









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