AirFlo Sixth Sense Intermediate Fly Line

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AirFlo Sixth Sense Intermediate Fly Line

Why would you possibly need three intermediate sink rates is a question the un-initiated often ask. In Stillwater, finding the fishes feeding level is one of the critical factors in successfully outwitting your target. The ability to keep a fly at this feeding level during each retrieve just increases your chances of success.

On slow retrieves this is even more critical, throw in a couple of fly grabbing weed beds for good measure and the ability to hang your fly above them without snagging the cabbage is a godsend. Our new line marker system helps you fish with even more finesse in this invisible subsurface world.

Airflo's Sixth Sense Intermediate lines are incredible stillwater lines for fishing just subsurface. The low-stretch core makes bite detection and hook-setting a breeze. This Fast Intermediate line sinks at 1.5 inches per second, the Mid Intermediate sinks at 1 inch per second and the Slow Intermediate sinks at .5 inches per second.

 Additional Information

Product Use:
Delta Taper for presentation at distance
Line Size:
WF5/6 -8/9
Trans Olive, Trans Tan, Trans Green
Slow (0.5IPS) Mid (1 IPS) & Fast (1.5IPS)
Core Material:
Low Stretch (6%) Braided Power Core
Ultra Supple Polyurethane (PU)
Optimum Temperature Range:
5c to 30c








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