AirFlo SuperFLO Stillwater Fly Line

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AirFlo SuperFLO Stillwater Fly Line

Designed for optimum performance when distance and delicacy are key. The Stillwater is the ultimate taper for presenting a wide variety of flies. The hi-vis colour scheme makes it perfect for subtle nymphing techniques where spotting the slightest grab is essential to success.  Also available in lichen green color option for stealth presentation among the weed beds.

Airflo is the only company that extrudes Polyurethane as a super tough coating on our fly line. With the inclusion of our new “FLO” technology, we are now able to produce a line that has running lines slimmer in diameter than previous technologies, without any of the durability issues associated with PVC. The end result is a fly line that is supercharged throughout the entire line. Helping it glide through the guides with minimal friction. Superflo lines have all the handling attributes and durability of the best fly line in the world!

The head on each line is created with a supple PU coating that takes less energy to form a casting loop, making the line far more efficient at generating line speed. While the running lines are made from a harder skin which enables them to handle well and last even longer.

At the start of each running line is a 20’ ‘Low Compression Zone’ another Airflo initiative that improves haul speed and makes the line feel really slick on longer casts.

Includes welded front loop

Tip & Front Taper:  Lengthened front taper for delicate presentation

Belly:  The 18′ belly is short enough for easy management but long enough for moderately long casts when needed.

Rear Taper:  The 12′ rear taper carries longer casts and keeps them stable when going long distances.

*AFTMA Stand. Wt – This is the AFTMA standard measurement which measures the grain weight of only the first 30 feet of the head.

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