Rising Brookie Net

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Rising Brookie Net

Product Description

  • American Made - in our shop, using tooling we design, American Made Aluminum and supplies
  • Knurled texture for grip
  • Biggest Chinese clear bag available (US made version coming as we increase sales)
  • Measurement indicators on hoop - 10", 12",14",15",
  • Custom acetal bolt to hold hoop to handle securely, while allowing easy dis-assemble and re-assembly for replacing bags or travel
  • Gasket sealed end-cap makes for water-proof storage in the handle. 10" holds 4 oz of liquid, 38" holds 10 oz. - stream side flask
  • Hoop is 16" Long, Width tapers from 10" - 5" , Net Bag is 8.5" deep but stretches
  • 10" handle Net is 28" long including hoop
  • 24″ handle Net is 38″ long including hoop
  • American Made
  • Unconditional Warranty - excluding net bag in most instances 
    • Nets will ship Broken Down into Handle and Hoop when shipping East of the Mississippi River, Canada, Overseas, or Alaska
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Blue 24 inch Brookie

Review by Carson on 11/13/2020

4 months with this bad boy and it is so worth it. It looks dope and I now can reach towards those fishies without breaking my tippet off. So far the blue has held up well, no scratches or dings yet. The components are all made with high quality materials. I will forever be a Rising customer!

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