Fishpond Nomad Replacement Rubber Net

Price: $19.95
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Nomad Replacement Bags are available for all Nomad Nets, in clear and black.


  • Stringing Kit includes everything you need to restring a net

***Be sure to check the Specs for sizing info***


12.5" Bag

  • Fits Native Net
  • Available in clear only
  • 50# dacron and needle included

15" Bag

  •  Fits Hand Net, Mid-Length Net, Guide Net
  • Available in black and clear
  • 50# dacron and needle included
  • 15" Diameter - 47" Circumference
  • 12" bag depth

19" Bag

  • Fits El Jefe, El Jefe Grande, Mid-Boat, Boat Net
  • Available in black and clear
  • 50# dacron, O-rings and needle included
  • Use of O-rings optional for El Jefe and El Jefe Grande
  • 19" Diameter - 59.66" Circumference
  • 14" bag depth

 Watch a video demonstraion on restringing your Nomad net here.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

Nomad net bag

Review by Greg on 5/13/2022

Awesome product, I make nets and they fit my hoops perfectly, easy string up...

5 stars

Review by john on 12/12/2021

I make my own fish nets, and 15 inch clear works perfect

Good as new

Review by Dale on 10/26/2016

A perfect fit for my Nomad. Had the old one off and the new one strung up in under 15 minutes.

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