Leather Creel Harness

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Need a harness only? Our standard Heavy Duty Leather Harness fits most standard two holed creels too!

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A perfect accessory for that vintage creel

Review by MaximaMan527 on 6/30/2020

I needed a leather creel harness for a wicker creel. After searching everywhere for one, I decided on this one, since it seemed the most practical choice. One complaint that I often see about this particular harness is that people say that it's too "short". Though it is fairly long for my body, I truly do think that the overall length of the creel is fine. This is meant for trout streams and wading through water that may occasionally reach chest height. Too long, and the creel would get bounced around, becoming damaged and being a nuisance to the angler. In vintage photographs, we see the creels were commonly at/above waist height and fairly tight across the chest to control the creel's movement while fishing. Overall, its an excellent creel harness, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a replacement. The leather is ~1/8 in thick, and seems very durable. I do suggest a hole puncher and neatsfoot oil since mine was a touch dry and I wanted to size the holes to my own body.

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