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Item #: Dyna-King Supreme Fly Tying Vise
Our Price: $381.00

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Dyna-King Supreme Fly Tying Vise - Without a doubt, the Dyna-King Supreme Fly Tying Vise is the finest vise available in today's market. With only one adjustment, you are able to pre-set the amount of pressure necessary to move the vise body. The rock-solid jaws securely hold a full range of hooks. Velvety-smooth vise rotation allows the fly to be rotated for trimming, cementing, or just viewing. Rotation is so smooth that many tiers use the Supreme as a rotary vise. The "rotary lock screw" secures the vise from rotation in any position. It also serves to set "drag" on the rotary feature. This vise is available in either clamp or pedestal base.

Hook range: 8/0-22 Length, Jaw tip to end = 5-1/2” Height, Jaw tip to desk=7” Weight, with Pedestal=5.5 LB Weight, with Clamp=2 1/4"  

Folks searching for the word fly tying vises is often mispelled as fly tying vice or vices.


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by Thomas
on 6/12/2015
Supreme is "supreme"
Absolutely best vise I've ever used. My Previous vise was a Dyna-King Voyager II and it was great. This Supreme is just that . . . smooth as silk operation, love the rotation and incredible jaws.
by George
on 9/29/2011
The best and the best
Bought this vice from Platte River Fly Shop earlier this year. Great service!! Use them. Have now tied several hundred fliles on it. Also have a Renzetti. This Supreme is just as its name. I have tied from 6 to 24 in size. All held rock solid and the rotary function is smooth. I will not look back now.
by Roberto Martinez
on 7/27/2010
Simply the best
I have been tying trout flies for over twenty years and I have used most of the high end vises on the market available today. The vise which has impressed me the most and has become My go to vise for the past 17 years is the Dyna King Supreme! The materials and workmanship that produce this vise are far more superior than the other vises I have tied on, and happen to be far more expensive than the supreme. The holding power of the jaws on the supreme is second to none. You can bend a 10.0 hook below the point of the hook without it slipping from the jaws. This is a vise for the serious tyer.
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