Echo SR Switch Fly Rod

Echo SR Fly Rod maintains a load during a Spey cast better than other rods that have an extra fast action. The Echo SR Fly Rod has a perfect two hand length but is not beyond chucking with one hand when needed.


Echo Boost Beach Fly Rod

Echo Boost Beach is designed for overhead casting to surf-dwelling species on both coasts. The Echo Boost Beach allows anglers to hit bigger casts with less effort than ever before.


Echo O.H.S. Fly Rods

Echo One Hand Spey Fly Rods are the missing link between one hand rods and spey rods. The Echo O.H.S. Fly Rods will let you add a double haul to your spey cast.


Echo Boost Blue Fly Rods

Echo Boost Blue Fly Rods help you achieve maximum line speed with minimal effort. The Echo Boost Blue Fly Rods are built for anglers looking for the ultimate balance of power and precision.