Sage Sonic Two-Handed Fly Rod

Sage Sonic Two-Handed Fly Rod has a lighter weight and decidedly thinner profile to assist a long day of fishing. The Sage Sonic Two-Handed Fly Rod has a fast action and is able to cover a broad range of swinging senarios.


Echo EPR Fly Rods

Echo EPR Fly Rods have a super fast tip to load easily at short distances. The Echo EPR Fly Rod has the most powerful bottom half of any ECHO rod ever made for excellent casting into the wind.


Redington Claymore Fly Rod

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Sage Igniter Two-Handed Fly Rod

Sage Igniter Two-Handed Fly Rod is designed to carry large amounts of line at a distance with wind cutting performance. The Sage Igniter Two-Handed Fly Rod is great at covering big water when conditions turn south.


Echo Gecko Fly Rod and Kit

Echo Gecko Fly Rod offers a Panfish or Trout length fly rod that is a great kids fly rod with a bright red or yellow blank and a fun colored handle. The Echo Gecko Fly Rod is as much fun to look at as they are to cast.


Echo Trip Fly Rods

Echo Trip Fly Rods are ultra compact rods with eight pieces which is perfect for backpacking or airline travel. The Echo Trip Fly Rod can handle all fishing conditions.


Echo Prime Fly Rods

The Echo Prime Fly Rods come in a fast 8'10" length to help you get the job done quick.  The Echo Prime Fly Rod can get you through a cast quicker and with more feel than a stiff fast action long rod.


Echo King Fly Rod

Echo King Fly Rod provides great leverage for fighting large ocean shouldered fish. The Echo King Fly Rod has power for overhead casting from rocky shorelines.