Echo Trout X Fly Rods

The Freshwater Echo Trout X Fly Rods work just as well with dry flies as they do with streamers.  The Echo Trout X Fly Rod helps you present to all those picky trout out there.


Sage Dart Fly Rod

Sage Dart Fly Rod features a short-range fast action for chasing wary trout. The Dart Fly Rod is great at fishing in close quarters and obstacle-ridden streamsides.


Echo River Glass Fly Rod

The old timers will tell you how they started with fiberglass fly rods. The River Glass Rod from Echo will allow you to feel the power that is transmitted from this fly rod with every cast.


Sage Trout LL Fly Rod

Sage Trout LL Fly Rod has a light touch and medium action and is built for those who want to dry fly fish for trout. The Sage Trout LL Fly Rod helps deliver accurate loop control.


Sage Payload Fly Rod

Sage Payload Fly Rod is designed to help anglers cast those heavy lines and big flies more effectively.  The Sage Payload Fly Rod will help you land that massive fish.


Echo Lago Fly Rods

The Echo Lago Fly Rods are great for lake fishing due to their very light weight and 10' length.  The extra length of the Echo Lago Fly Rod helps float tube fishermen cast easier while sitting close to the water.